Age Defying Lasers

Best Age Defying Lasers Reviewed

[Affiliate disclosure all links to Amazon are affiliate links] Wouldn’t you agree that it could be great if there was a magic machine which can make us young again? Make those the natural annoying wrinkles and lines around the eyes disappear? Fade the facial lines which tend to develop as we turn 35-40? Well there is no magic involved, just scientific developments which can improve our aesthetic well being. New Age Defying Laser Systems like the TRIA Beauty’s Age-Defying Laser and the iLuminage Skin Smoothing Laser can give those wrinkles a decent fight back.

If you have noticed tiny wrinkles, age skin spots, crow feet lines around your eyes and mouth, and across your forehead, are not alone… It’s age, genetics and fast pace life giving their marks on your skin. These skin imperfections and wrinkles, can be reversed by skin rejuvenating lasers.

We will review below some of the best age defying laser devices you can shop for today. You will find answers to the most troubling questions you may have about these devices. How does age defying laser work? Do they really work? Are they safe? What are the side effects of anti aging lasers? Where on your body can you use them safely? Which is the best age defying laser for you?

Best age defying laser systems reviewed

You can enjoy rejuvenation of new collagen fibers under your skin, in ways anti aging creams can never compete with, get the edge over any skin lifting serum you ever bought.

Use the questions menu below to navigate quickly to find exactly what you need, before you order the device for your needs.

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  3. Do Age Defying Laser Really Work??
  4. Is Age Defying Laser Safe?
  5. Does It Hurt? Is Age Defying Laser Painful?
  6. Can Age Defying Laser Cause Cancer?
  7. What Are The Side Effects Of Anti Aging Lasers?
  8. Where Can I Use the Age Defying Laser?
  9. TRIA Beauty Age-Defying Laser Review
  10. What Are The Side Effects Of Anti Aging Lasers?

Why Does Our Skin Gets Wrinkled and Saggy?

We know today that skin aging is not only a factor of your age, but also combination of factors like sun exposure, air pollution, smoking, alcohol consumption, air-conditioned environments, stress and other modern life side effects. We can’t avoid them even if we really want to, unless we move to the country and change our diet and whole life routine, and even then skin aging will eventually catch up.

What Can You Do To Reverse Skin Aging Signs?

Thousands of women (and men) found age defying laser treatments useful to slow down the development of skin aging signs. Some use anti aging laser systems at dermatologists, spas, and plastic surgeons offices, others just do it at home. There are pros and cons for each type of procedure.

Pros and cons of going to dermatologists, spas, and plastic surgeons offices:


  • They use stronger types of lasers, some 5 times more than the home systems.
  • You are under the care of a professional person or even a dermatologist.
  • The treatment is adjusted to your specific needs.


  • It’s time consuming to attend to all the appointments.
  • Deep pockets… Professional places cost thousands of dollars.
  • Stronger lasers leave their temporary marks on the skin, which means more ‘downtime’ after treatments.
  • After few cycles the treatment is over, but wrinkles reappear.

Pros and cons of doing at home laser anti wrinkle treatments:


  • Save time and hassle, the sheer convenience of being able to do the treatments at home.
  • Not so painful treatments, side effects diminish within few hours / days.
  • The cost compared to professional treatments is significantly lower.
  • Do follow up cycles as much as you need for 2-3 years with same device.
  • Easy to use, simple instructions.


  • Lower laser energy used.
  • One-size-fits-all device which may not fit your exact needs.
  • No supervision on treatment cycles.

How Do Age Defying Laser Work

Our skin is a living tissue, with elastic layers that allows it to stretch, flex and move. The elastic features of the skin are given to it by the collagen and elastin fibers which are entangled in the lower ‘dermis’ layer of the skin. As we grow the body produces less collagen and less elastin.  This causes the skin to become less elastic, allowing fine lines, wrinkles, and skin flaws to appear. The upper layer called ‘epidermis’ suffers also from the aging effects with dry flaky skin, sun spots, pigmentation and other superficial imperfections.

Age Defying Laser Explained!

The home defying lasers are also called fractional non-ablative laser, lets understand what it means.

Fractional means the laser beam is divided into thousands of microscopic treatment zones, and not one dense spot of light (like hair removal laser). It’s like a picture which produced from thousands of pixels. Non ablative means it does NOT wound the skin. There are professional lasers used at dermatologists clinics which ‘laser-burn’ the skin layers in order to make new layers re-grow under them. With these devices the top layer of your skin won’t be affected aside from a slight, temporary redness after each treatment.

The home age defying lasers like the TRIA and the iLuminage are both NON WOUNDING lasers, they use the same diode laser, Class 1M Output Wavelength – 1440 nm to preform the procedure with a skin penetrating depth of 450 microns.

How does TRIA age defying laser work

Once the laser light is beamed at the skin, the light energy is transformed also to heat energy. These two together begin to stimulate the collagen and elastin production. Inside our skin are Fibroblasts which are cells responsible for making collagen. The skin smoothing laser increases fibroblast activity to help generate healthy collagen and strengthen the skin.

The heat and light targeted deep within the skin both trigger the body’s natural response to generate new collagen fibers. The main advantage of this procedure is that it treats skin from within.

The process doesn’t happen over night… But within few weeks new collagen forms, your fine lines, crow leg wrinkles start to smooth out. Soon a more youthful-looking complexion appears, as natural collagen production continues. The light which penetrated through the microscopic zones and caused a cellular level disruption stimulated natural healing, enhancing clarity, smoothness, and radiance to the skin.

Does Age Defying Laser Really Work?

tria-skin-rejuvenating-laserYes it works. The Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been discovered by an Hungarian scientist at 1966 and have been researched hundreds of times, and have been proved effective.

But why do some people say it did nothing for them? It’s because different people see different results. The first thing is that each skin has unique genetics… the skin thickness, age, different collagen production to begin with, external influences like sun exposure, nutrition, former treatments, pollution etc.. The second reason is expectations. Some customers expected to see unrealistic results, and when those didn’t happen they concluded the whole age defying procedure is a scam.

For this reason the age defying laser manufacturers like the TRIA, iLuminage, Silk’n,  Neutrogena, Baby Quasar and others do clinical trials to see how most people respond and to check the effectiveness of their technologies. Clinical trials show remarkable success!

After 4 weeks participants reported:
– 76% saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
– 87% saw a more youthful and radiant complexion
– 95% saw smoother skin
– 92% said it works better than any cream or serum

These statistics belong to the TRIA Beauty’s Age-Defying Laser. The iLuminage stats are similar by their own way. Many users also report it helped with skin tightening, improved clarity, better smoothness, and radiance.

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It would be honest to say that not all dermatologists and aesthetic skin care professionals like these $500 at home devices. They prefer their own anti-aging lasers, which emit higher energy and under supervision can give better results. They may forget that not everyone can afford paying for these type of treatments, and a home devices though not as powerful as theirs can deliver decent results too.

Both at-home and professional lasers use the same technology, except that the output wavelength used by professional clinics is up to 5 times higher. If home lasers had the same wavelength output, they would not have the FDA clearance for home use…

Is Age Defying Laser Safe?

If you use them as planned, they are very safe.

The LLLT technology (Low Level Laser Therapy) was evaluated in clinical trials and approved by FDA in 2003 and have been available in physician offices since. There side effects which you can read about below, but the devices which you buy online have FDA, and can be used by everyone.

TRIA Beauty’s Age-Defying Laser and iLuminage Skin Smoothing Laser both have FDA clearance!

Each device excludes people which have specific skin and health conditions from using the unit, mainly because the systems were used on healthy people during clinical trials and there is no data about safety for those with unique health conditions.

Who should not be using these devices?    
You have skin that is recently sun burned, has cuts, infected, permanently makeup tattoo or irritated.
If you are currently being treated with antibiotics.
If you are pregnant.
Some devices aren’t meant to be used on people who have darker skin, as it can cause redness, hyper-pigmentation or permanent darkening. Check each system safety instructions if you have any of those.

Anti Aging home lasers SHOULD NOT BE USED ON or NEAR EYELIDS. Speaking about safety… Never get laser near or on the eye lids, the light penetrating the eyelids can have a long lasting damage to your sight, and you will risk partial or permanent blindness.

Does It Hurt? Is Age Defying Laser Painful?

Unfortunately some discomfort is part of the anti aging laser treatments. The fractional non-ablative laser beam carries light energy which turns to heat, it is this heat which supports the natural collagen healing process. Most people say the discomfort is bearable, unpleasant… but bearable.

Some say the process hurts and the laser flashing has s warm burning sensation feeling to it. Since the laser is ‘fractional’ meaning it is divided into numerous light dots, the most common description of the process is like ‘prickly needles’. You will read in many customer reviews the description of the needle sticks pricking at the skin.

With this said, no numbing gels are required, nor any topical anesthetic creams, if thousands of other men and women can bear it, you would manage o bear it too.

Taking a look at age defying videos you can see those who use it do it calmly without twitching. The facial skin is delicate and sensitive so even the low level laser beams projected at it are felt like needles pricks.

Can Age Defying Laser Cause Cancer?

Tria-age-defying-laser-reviewsThis is one of the popular questions related to any laser device. It was asked numerous times when the hair removal lasers appeared.
The main danger for cancer is from sun exposure! The age defying lasers like the TRIA or iLuminage (or others) can not cause cancer, this technology has been validated for 50 years and no connection was ever found. The age defying lasers use visible light, 1440 nano-meter wavelength, and the cancer is caused by UV (ultraviolet wavelength) which is 10-400 nano meter.

You should know that after anti aging laser treatments you need to apply sun protective creams and stay away from direct sunlight, as the skin is overdosed with light energy and the natural UV defense may be temporarily disrupted.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Anti Aging Lasers?

at home age defying laser treatments side effectsAs mentioned above the laser is felt like needle pricking at the skin together with a warm sensation. This is how you actually know the anti aging laser is doing something. If no no heat is created then no microscopic cell stimulation and no wrinkles smoothing…

There are well known and documented side effects which most of the people have when they use the device daily. Most of the side effects diminish and resolve within few hours or through the next day.

Experts Tip – It is recommended to do the treatments at evening before bed time, to allow the skin a several hours of rest and chance to respond to the treatment.

The most common side effects of age defying laser systems in clinical studies are:

  • Redness –  90% of the subjects report them.
  • Prickling sensation – 90%
  • Burning sensation – 83%
  • Warmth sensation – 80%

If the side effects do not resolve within 24 hours, postpone your treatment to allow the side effect to pass. In the clinical study all of the side effects reported passed within four weeks after the last treatment.

Other side effects reported in studies,

  • 30% felt dry skin,
  • 23% reported acne flare,
  • 11% temporary pigmentation dots.

Hyper-pigmentation which is darkening of the skin is a risk for darker skinned individuals. 6% of the study the participants, reported skin darkening that lasted more than 3 months after treatment ended. If you see such skin during your home sessions, you should not continue using the system.

 Where Can I Use the Age Defying Laser?

One of the most common questions regarding the age defying lasers are whether they can be used on other parts of the body except the face. Many wonder ‘can I use the Tria age defying laser on my neck?’ or ‘can I use the Tria laser on my chest?’ and so on. The official answer is no, the TRIA and iLuminage lasers were approved by FDA only to be used on the facial skin.

Both systems have produced ‘face maps’ illustrating where the system can be used. Dividing the face into ‘zones’ and their whole treatment protocol is about targeting these zones.

We do not endorse using home lasers not as they were planned, yet there are reviews of customers who admitted they have been using the age defying lasers on other skin areas like the neck, below the jawline, and on the back side of the palms with satisfying results.

Where can you use age defying laser on face

The effect of the penetrating laser light stimulation on the fibroblasts cells which produce the collagen is similar on the cheekbone and on the palm. Though the skin thickness and complexion differ between body areas, people who have treated areas which are not included in the protocol and reported they saw results.

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Which Anti Aging System is Best For You?

iLuminage Skin Smoothing device reviewsThough the TRIA Beauty Age-Defying Laser and the iLuminage Skin Smoothing Laser are both slick and stylish there are differences between them you should know before you pick one of them.

It would be impossible to pick an overall “best” anti aging laser device. Each of these premium systems has its own pros and cons, which make them best buying option for different people. Check below as we review all the aspects of these top notch age defying lasers, once you reach the bottom of this post, you will have more knowledge and confidence to decide which device is best for your needs.


TRIA Beauty Age-Defying Laser Review

The TRIA Beauty Age-Defying Laser is one of the most popular and most wished for age defying systems. In fact they have managed to make the “age defying” a generic name for what was once called anti-aging lasers. We do not think there is an need to introduce TRIA as a company. It is one of the most reputed and most well known manufacturer of home laser devices like the TRIA laser hair removal, the TRIA Precision hair removal and other premium luxury beauty creams and lotions to complete their line. TRIA is a leader in home lasers for nearly 15 years!

Who is TRIA?

At 2003 TRIA was established when the inventors of the LightSheer™, in-clinic laser hair removal physicians, started Tria Beauty. At 2005 the first TRIA hair removal lasers units are sold in Japan, 2006 TRIA begins clinical testing for FDA requirements, and at 2008 it is to be the first EVER home laser FDA approved! At 2010 Tria launches ‘Blue Light’ which is FDA-cleared at home treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne. At 2011, 2012 and 2013 TRIA was launching new home laser devices including the age-defying laser.

TRIA beauty age defying laser system and hair removal

TRIA has FDA clearance, and European CE (similar to FDA) clearance and have sold hundreds of thousands of units around the world! So as you can see it is a well established brand with thousands of loyal customers.

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Using the TRIA Age Defying Laser

You can use the TRIA on four of the facial zones as demonstrated in the image. These zones include both cheekbones, upper lips, forehead and the jawline, cheeks, chin and around the eyes and mouth.

TRIA age defying laser four treatment zones on face

You first MUST clean your skin thoroughly to remove any remains of make up, lotions, sunscreen, oils and dirt. The laser must have ‘free access’ to penetrate and generate new collagen.

The TRIA laser has a wide long/tall opening from which the laser is pulsed, this window needs to be pressed and moved in a gliding motion. There are two sensors on the sides of the laser window they make sure the applicator is well pressed to the skin. If the sensors lose touch with the skin, the TRIA will stop emitting laser.

TRIA Age Defying Laser Review

The glide motion is very important, it makes sure you do not pulse laser over and over on the same spot! The TRIA will operate only when these two conditions occur together:

  1. The laser tip is touching the skin.
  2. The TRIA is in motion.

The TRIA has 3 laser settings, low, medium and high. Each facial area is treated for several minutes, depending on the laser setting used. The daily anti-aging laser session takes 12 minutes approx, and as mentioned above it is advised to be done in the evening to allow the body to recover from the side effects.

Once the treatment is over, skin nourishing creams and revitalizing serums are recommended. TRIA recommends their own soothing post-treatment serum or moisturizer to help alleviate skin discomfort after treatment, but you can use what ever you are used to as well.
The next day apply a teaspoon of SPF 30+ sun protective lotion, with UVA and UVB protection. The ‘teaspoon’ per face measurement is actually an FDA recommendation, as they found less than that is not effective.

The recommended TRIA age defying laser protocol which was approved by FDA is to use it daily for 5 days, then take 2 days off (1 week cycle), and doing this for 12 weeks (3 months cycle) then you take 1 month off. This means a 4 month cycle period, from which 3 month include weekly treatments and 1 month rest, to allow the skin to respond, and restore the natural cell production functions.

The TRIA can be used over and over as long as the rechargeable lithium battery which can lasts 2-3 years. It can not be replaced, so after 2-3 years when the battery charging is exhausted, you will need a new device.

The TRIA Age Defying Laser Benefits (pros)

  • Well established, well known, highly reputable company!
  • FDA cleared, safe device.
  • TRIA is allowed on forehead!
  • Not so painful treatment.
  • 3 Laser level settings for comfort control.
  • 95% reported smoother skin after 4 weeks.
  • Costs less than iLuminage
  • 90 day money back guarantee

The TRIA Age Defying Laser System Downsides

  • It has a weaker laser than the iLuminage Smoothing.
  • The battery is non-replaceable, once its done, new device is needed, (after 2-3 years).
  • Once you get it, it needs to be activated by the company (need to contact them)
  • It is not totally painless.

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The bottom line is the technology works, and with some persistence anyone can do it at home. When you read customer reviews most of the people see improvement and results. Some are very happy seeing their wrinkles lines erased off, on the other hand, some are disappointed a specific wrinkle didn’t totally disappear.

TRIA has gone one extra mile toward its customers and offers 90 days money back guarantee, making the purchase of their age defying laser – risk free. For treating your skin with the TRIA Age Defying Laser – Check Amazon price here.

The rule of thumb is sooner you start to treat the collagen production, the better results you will see. These machines are not magical, they are based on science and technology harnessed to our aesthetic needs. We wish you good luck in your journey.