3 Of The Best Anti-Aging Lasers For Home

Anti Aging Lasers

[Affiliate disclosure all links to Amazon are affiliate links] The age-defying lasers are one of the latest technologies that target the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines. When deciding on making yourself look more vibrant and younger, the best anti-aging for home is one of your best solutions.

The natural processes of aging usually takes a number of years to become noticeable, but a stressed lifestyle, lack of exercise and the wrong eating habits can also cause you to age a lot faster compared to living a care-free, relaxed and healthy lifestyle. One of the other contributing factors to aging is an excess amount of serum phosphorus.

In today’s world the idea behind living a healthy and young life is close to impossible. For this reason we need technological solutions such as anti-aging lasers for home which can assist you in delaying the onset of inevitable aging signs. In this article we will review 3 best anti wrinkles lasers for home use.

Best anti aging systems laser for home use

How Do The Age Defying Lasers Work?

The anti-aging laser is a device that penetrates beams of light into the skin that burns off a few of the collagen cells which promotes a natural process of healing in the body, which encourages the production of new collagen in the skin. This new collagen is what fills out the fine lines and wrinkles. This entire process is called neocollagenesis.

In various studies it has been found that the anti-aging laser is the type of treatment that decreases wrinkles and fine lines and assists in making the skin appear youthful, more radiant and smooth using collagen rejuvenation.

The 3 Best Anti-Aging Lasers For Home

There are currently a variety of laser treatments on the market and here is a list of the top well-received and commonly used devices.

The Tria Age Defying Laser

tria-skin-rejuvenating-laserMany consumers will agree that the Tria Age Defying system is one of the best choices. This FDA approved system only requires a couple of minutes of use on a daily basis that can be used to stimulate the collagen-renewal process.

How Does The Tria-Age Defying Laser Operate?

This machine makes use of laser beams that destroy old collagen that is found under the skin and the natural healing processes of the body make the new collagen which results in skin that looks younger and fresh.

Side Effects Associated With The Tria-Age Defying Laser

Redness and skin sensitivity are common Tria Age anti-aging laser side effects. When you see this it means the laser is working on your skin as expected, and the skin is reacting to the laser light. These side effects usually disappear within few hours as the skin recovers.

It is always advisable that you speak to a dermatologist or health care physician if you happen to have a specific skin condition diagnosed or when your skin is highly sensitive.

Another reason to let your doctor review your skin is if your skin develops hyper pigmentation side effect, where the small brown dots appear where the laser was used. This side effect usually pass within few week, and it is recommended to let the skin rest, until they disappear.

It is also best check with your doctor before using the TRIA device if you are pregnant, or have undergone cosmetic treatments such as filler injections, laser resurfacing or skin peels. In addition, if you are currently taking medications that contains steroids you should also consult with your doctor first.

The TRIA Age Defying Laser – Click and order your TRIA anti aging laser.

The Tripollar Stop Anti Aging System

Another solution after TRIA age defying laser is the Tripollar Stop. This machine utilizes radio frequency technology that stimulates the collagen renewal processes. Though this system is not using laser light, it is an anti aging device designed to treat facial wrinkles. The fact that it is not laser actually adds quite a lot of pros to the device!

Tripollar Stop - Radio Frequency Facial Skin Tightening Machine

The Tripollar Stop is an age-defying or anti-wrinkle system that uses RF (radio frequency) in order to heat the collagen found deep in the skin and promote the natural reproduction processes in the body in order to create new collagen. This method assists in tightening the skin as well as an effective method to reduce the signs of wrinkles and fine lines.

Tripollar Stop - Radio Frequency Facial Skin RF tip

The RF radio frequency which is emitted from the four electrodes, heat the skin mildly. There is a sensor in the middle which checks the skin temperature to make sure the right heat is acquired in the skin layers.

Compared to laser anti aging devices like the TRIA and the iLuminage, the TriPollar Stop has very little side effects and is much less painful. In the research there were expected redness side effects, which passed within few hours. There were no long lasting side effects, and most users even said there is a ‘relaxing sensation’ when treating the skin.

Tripollar Stop - anti aging wrinkle laser

Tripollar Stop Anti Aging Device – FDA

The Tripollar Stop – Radio Frequency Facial Skin Tightening has FDA approval and is totally safe to be used on all skin tones types.

Tripollar Stop – Results

In the trials images were taken before and after using the Tripollar Stop device. Then three month after the last treatment images were taken again, and shown to natural individuals to evaluate if they see difference. Most of them found improvement in the wrinkle scale.

Tripollar Stop Anti-Aging RF System

You can purchase this device at Amazon, the price of the Tripollar Stop RF system is less than the comparing anti aging lasers, click here and see Amazon price and read the reviews before you order it. It’s safer, has less side effects used 2-3 treatments per week for best wrinkle treatment results.

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The iLuminage Skin Smoothing System

iluminage Charging Cradle and laserThe iLuminage Skin Smoothing Laser system is an advanced hi-tech solution for facial wrinkles and removal of fine lines. The system uses laser like the TRIA, but it emits higher energy focused on a smaller laser tip. The iLuminage anti aging laser is FDA approved to be used on all skin types.

The iLuminage Skin Smoothing Laser is super advanced, with a digital display, and a self counter to make sure you do not over treat yourself. The device counts 200 pulses and then takes four hour timeout. This is to ensure people do not use it not as intended.

The iLuminage Skin Smoothing Laser is approved for facial use only (like the TRIA) which include the side of the eyes and sides of mouth, it is not intended to be used on the forehead. You can get the iLuminage Smart Skin app and manage your improvement by uploading before and after photos, getting notification about following the protocol, getting tips and sharing success with others.

The iLuminage was designed by Karim Rashid the famous celeb designer (Time magazine has described him as the “most famous industrial designer in all the Americas”) he created the iLuminage to look sleek elegant jewel and not like a laser device.

iLuminage Smoothing Laser Results:

– 78% significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles by 2 weeks
– 87% significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles by 4 weeks
– 95% significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles by 12 weeks

Many reported it also helped with skin tightening, and enhanced effectiveness of anti-aging creams and serums.

If you want the top notch home laser wrinkle remover, the iLuminage is it. Beautifully designed, higher output, advanced control panel, FDA approved.

The Verdict

tria-skin-rejuvenating-laserIf you have the budget available to invest in the best anti-aging laser for home, then the Tria Age Defying Laser would be your best choice.

It is the best selling anti aging item at Amazon, and has the most customer reviews too. Click here to order your TRIA Age Defying Laser from Amazon, so you have actually nothing to risk.

Tripollar Stop - Radio Frequency Facial Skin RF tipHowever, for those on a tighter budget looking for a way to effectively treat the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, the Tripollar Stop offers fine results at more affordable price point.

Though it’s not anti aging ‘laser’ it uses advanced RF radio frequency heating the skin layers without the side effects of laser, for it’s wrinkle removing results. You can order the Tripollar Stop and get it delivered from Amazon.

iluminage best laser anti aging

One of these solutions would be your best choice for home anti aging treatment, so you can begin fighting back the skin aging signs.

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