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Crows feet wrinkles for anti aging laser
Anti Aging Lasers

Using TRIA To Treat Crow’s Feet Wrinkles

Crows feet wrinkles for anti aging laserOne of the places where most people want to treat for facial wrinkles, and one which bothers most people, is the crow feet lines which appear around the eyes and upper cheek bones. If you have the TRIA Age Defying laser system or think of purchasing it, you are probably wondering whether it can be used around the eyes. read below to learn all about using the TRIA age defying laser around the eye area.

The TRIA anti aging laser was designed and approved by FDA to be used for facial wrinkles.

TRIA has a smaller device design only for touch ups around the eyes, called Tria Beauty Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser.

They both use a similar laser wavelength (1440 nm) but the Eye Wrinkle Correcting laser output is less powerful than the larger Age-Defying laser device.

Under The Skin With TRIA Anti Aging laser

The device emits a series of laser pulses, each of them broken down to thousands of fractional beams, which penetrate the upper skin layer and heat the lower layers. In those lower layers are skin tissues filled with collagen fibers.

When the collagen producing cells (called fibroblasts) are heated, they begin to reproduce more collagen fibers. When they are stimulated on a daily basis for few weeks the skin tissue layer gets new collagen fibers, newer tissue is formed and the anti aging effects become truly visible.

The new collagen makes the skin looks tighter, more firm and glowing, the over all appearance of wrinkles is diminished. The skin under the wrinkles gets fresh collagen, its more elastic, and has a younger look.

TRIA Age Defying Laser For The Eyes

TRIA four facial treatment zonesThe TRIA anti aging laser, was designed for treating all facial areas.

You can use it on your: Forehead, between the brows, sideburns, upper cheeks, nasal sides, cheeks, upper lips, jaw line and chin.

The TRIA laser can not be used on neck or hands or any other place except the face.

In the image you can see the four TRIA treatment zones for the face.

The wrinkles on the side of the eyes are called Crow’s Feet (Periorbital wrinkles) as they are very fine lines which spread out from the cheekbone, just like crows feet.

Treating With Laser Around The Eyes

You should be careful when treating around the eyes with laser, read the user guide and safety instructions. The TRIA age defying laser was designed to preform such treatments safely.

What You Should NOT Do?

Do not treat with the TRIA anti aging laser over the eyes, or eye lids! The laser pulse can cause sever eye damage if it is pulsed into the eyes. The laser is designed to penetrate the skin, so pulsing on the eye lids can risk getting an eye burn and blindness.

Do not try to pulse on closed eye lids, or upper lids or anywhere inside the eyeball sockets. Not anywhere near the lower eye lids as well. Laser can cause eye injuries and blindness!

This is not meant to scare you, the TRIA is totally safe when used according to their guidelines.

How Use The TRIA Safely Near The Eyes

TRIA anti aging laser near the eyesThe TRIA has two skin contact sensors at the side of the laser gap window. These must be touching the skin in order for the device to emit laser. This means the TRIA laser tip has to be pressed on the skin in order to be functioning.

You press it and glide it back and forth on the cheekbone.

The TRIA works best on areas were the skin is over the skull bones. Forehead, cheekbones, chin, upper lips. Where it can be firmly pressed down and glided in constant motion.

You should not try and get near the eyes, when under them, stay on the cheekbones. When treating at the periorbital wrinkles crow’s feet move from the brows toward the sideburns and downward in a circular motion.

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How To Make The Eye Wrinkles Treatment Succeed

In order to have greater chances for a successful eye wrinkles treatment, you should follow the same routine every day.

TRIA laser eye wrinkles post treatment creams

Tria Beauty Priming CleanserFirst you have to clean your skin very well! The laser has to be able to reach into the skin, and it means cleaning all the make up, SPF creams, powders and oils on the outer surface. You can use the TRIA Priming Cleanser which is designed to prepare your skin for the laser session.

Then you should do the laser treatment each day (preferably at night, to allow the skin to recover from the treatment with a good night rest. There are temporary side effects like skin redness and slight swelling, which usually pass within few hours.

Right after each daily treatment around the eyes – You should apply two completing post treatment creams.

Tria Beauty Laser Treatment Finishing Serum TRIA Beauty Finishing Serum

The Finishing Serum helps the skin recover from the laser treatment.

“Finishing Serum, specially formulated to work with your Tria Age-Defying Laser, soothes, hydrates and brightens the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Specifically formulated by dermatologists to soothe and hydrate laser-treated skin.”

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Tria Beauty Super C Brightening Moisturizer

Tria Beauty Super C Brightening MoisturizerOne of the common side effects is people have reported their skin getting dry and flaky. This is no wonder when the whole purpose of the laser is to heat stimulate the lower levels of the skin.

TRIA offers part of the treatment the Super C Brightening Moisturizer, to help the skin recover after the laser session.

Expertly formulated with a unique oil-based form of Vitamin C, for better absorption, and Hexylresorcinol, for superior brightening, it doesn’t irritate sensitive, laser-treated skin.

When using both TRIA Finishing Serum and Super C Brightening Moisturizer, you are giving your skin the best chances to recover from the laser treatment, nourish the skin with the vitamins, oils, supplements and hydration it needs. Click here to add the Super C Brightening Moisturizer to your post treatment routine.

Treating Eye Wrinkles with Laser – Conclusion

TRIA laser devices for eye wrinkles treatmentIf you have been noticing wrinkles around your eyes, those tiny thin crow’s feet lines running from the corners of the eyes, and downward and sideways. Then there is a solution.

TRIA Beauty has two devices designed to treat the areas around the eyes. The TRIA Eye Wrinkle Correction laser (the smaller device on the right side) and the larger TRIA Age Defying laser.

The larger device has a higher output of laser and has been received better rating and reviews from customers. The smaller device seems to be too delicate, and many complain it stopped working sooner than expected.

The larger TRIA device is one of the best selling anti aging laser devices leading the category by far from the rest!

Buy TRIA Anti aging Laser nowWhen you buy the TRIA age defying laser from Amazon you get the 90 days money back guarantee, which makes the whole purchasing risk free.

Click here to get the TRIA age defying laser from Amazon, add to your cart the post treatment Finishing Serum and Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer.

The full treatment protocol is 12 weeks, most people report they see results as soon as 2-4 weeks into their treatments!

You can achieve younger smoother skin, with less wrinkles around the eyes, sooner than you might have expected.



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