Can You Use TRIA Age Defying Laser On The Neck?

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[Affiliate disclosure all links to Amazon are affiliate links] Many people who think to invest in the TRIA Age Defying laser device wonder if they can use the TRIA laser also to treat their neck. It is a well known fact that the neck skin is usually aging earlier than the facial skin. In this review you will learn all about using TRIA Age Defying laser on the neck, pros and cons, so you are aware of the limitations and risks.

Why TRIA Age Defying Laser System?

TRIA Age defying laser neck skinThe TRIA anti aging laser device is currently the best selling laser to treat facial wrinkles and fine lines. The TRIA is using a laser beam, (1440 nano meter) which is ‘fractioned’ into thousands of micro laser spots. These light beams penetrate the upper Epidermis layer and reaches down to the Dermis (the lower skin layer). There the laser is turning into heat.

The Dermis layer is filled with fibroblasts cell tissue, which is capable of producing collagen fibers when stimulated. The TRIA heat stimulates the fibroblasts cells to produce longer elastin and collagen fibers. When the dermis layer is filled from inside with new collagen the outer layer gets firmer, smoother, and glowing! The facial wrinkles get treated from within!

The answer to why TRIA anti aging is a best selling anti aging item, is because the technology works.

Based on Consumer Clinical Testing:*
  • 76% of users saw a reduction in fine facial lines and wrinkles.
  • 95% of users saw smoother skin and reported an improvement in overall appearance.
  • 87% of users reported that their skin looked more radiant and youthful.

Can the TRIA be Used to Treat The Neck?

best anti aging laser for wrinklesOfficially the TRIA age defying laser system was designed and FDA approved to be used on the face only! The clinical studies, and tests have been all conducted on the facial periarbital wrinkles. For most people want to treat the facial skin aging signs:

  • “Frown wrinkles” in the forehead.
  • “Crow’s feet” wrinkles and lines at the side of the eyes and upper cheekbones.
  • “Smile lines” (laughing lines) at the side of the nose and cheeks,
  • “Marionette lines” at the side of the mouth going down to the chin.
  • “Smoker’s lines” around the mouth and upper lips.

The TRIA is approved to treat all these types of wrinkles and expression lines.

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Neck Skin Is Different

The neck skin is thinner, more delicate, and initially has less collagen layers, less oil glands so it’s dryer. It is usually less treated by creams and moisturizers on a daily basis. Neck skin gets sun exposure and it is not shaded by hats, not covered like the eyes with sunglasses.

All these cause the neck’s skin to be aging faster than the facial skin. As we get older we tend to develop turkey neck, and saggy cheeks. On the neck wrinkles will be more prominent and more visible, they will be deeper and longer. The skin becomes saggy and wobbly (turkey neck).

Now comes the great question, will the TRIA age defying laser system manage to treat the neck safely and to show results?

As mentioned above the official answer is NO, you can not use the TRIA on your neck. There are some reasons behind this which are important to know.

TRIA Not Approved by FDA to Use on the Neck

The FDA before it clears a device as safe for home use, checks the clinical trials and studies, each company submits.

If a device is submitted to be used on the face, and all the clinical tests which support the claim have been tested on people’s face, the FDA cannot clear it to be used on other areas.

The company can not bypass this by marketing the device to be used on other areas too. They risk their FDA approval to be taken away.

You Can’t Glide The TRIA Smoothly On the Neck

Neck skin anti aging laserThis means the device needs to be in constant motion, which makes sure you are not over treating a specific spot. The neck skin is saggy and loose, it would be difficult to glide the TRIA smoothy over the neck to maintain a proper session.

If not gliding, and in constant touch with the skin, the TRIA will not operate.

Note – Zapping the same spot may cause unwanted TRIA side effects related to laser light altering the skin melanin production, ending with tiny brown dots of pigmentation appearing.

Neck Skin Has Thin Collagen Layer

The second reason why treating the neck skin with TRIA anti aging would not be too effective anyway, is because the neck skin has far less collagen than the face. When there is little fibroblasts cell tissue, the TRIA can not do magic.. and create new collagen. So even if treating the neck the results will be less impressive than one might expect.

People Use TRIA Age Defying Laser For Neck

2017 Best Wrinkle Laser Treatment at homeThough not approved, and not intended by manufacturer, still there were quite a lot of people who added in their TRIA anti aging review, they have used it for their neck too. We can not endorse such things, but it is worth to know it has been done.

Here are some quote we picked up for you, were other TRIA users mention they have been using the device on the neck, even if it is not in the permitted zones.

Week One Results – I used Level 2 on my cheeks, Level 3 everywhere else, including under my chin and neck. My skin looks amazing.” See source.

“Seeing results after 7 treatments to under chin and neck area. People asked me if I lost weight!” (Amazon)

It isn’t strong enough to tighten heavy sagging, aged skin. I also used it on my cellulite, sagging arms and it did better job than on my face at tightening, which reduced cellulite appearance.See source.

“I use it all over my face, my neck, chest, and my hands. Even my hands look younger and I’m not joking. ” See source.

As you can see these women have been using the TRIA Age Defying laser on their neck, and lived to tell about it.. 🙂

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TRIA Laser For The Neck?

Tria laser for wrinkle treatmentsAs you can see there are reasons why the TRIA should not be used to treat saggy skin on the neck, on the other side, if you understand the limitations and take the responsibility to treat outside of the four facial zones, its up to you. Others have done it before you.

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Buy TRIA Anti aging Laser now

When you order your TRIA anti aging laser, make sure to add the TRIA post treatment moisturizing creams. Remember the neck is thinner, dry, and has less collagen, and every boost of moisture and collagen enhancement can help.

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