Does Tria Age-Defying Laser Work – A Comprehensive Review

Does TRIA Laser Age Defying Really Work
Anti Aging Lasers

[Affiliate disclosure all links are affiliate links] Perhaps you may have heard of a new anti-aging laser device that is the talk of the town lately. But does Tria Age-defying laser work? Is it worth the cost? Maybe a quick peek on what the product is all about and how it affects our face is in order.

The device is a fractional non-ablative laser and with the same technological innovation offered in your cosmetic doctor’s office. In answering the question, “Does Tria Age-defying Laser work?”, a closer look at its process and the technology behind the device should be addressed first.

How to use the Tria Age-defying Laser?

Inside the box is the handheld age reversing laser gadget, a small information pamphlet, and a little cord that connects to an entirely stand-up base. The instruction on the device is very straightforward. You just turn it on, and a LED indicator at the top part will reveal whether you are on level 1, 2, or maybe level 3. It is highly advised to start on level 1 to adapt to the experience. You can then opt to increase the degree as your treatment plans advance.

Once you have turned on the device, it will not be able to be pulsing laser unless the sensor will detect your facial skin. Tria has created an easy to follow map that demonstrates the treatment areas, following the map or instructions is very convenient. It is highly recommended to use the age-defying device after washing your face, patting it dry before application and for it to slide much easier on dry skin.

Move the laser in an upward motion. You will see a purple light on the side part of the device illuminated to indicate that the laser is turned on. After the treatment, apply a hydrating or finishing serum. It is exclusively formulated to hydrate, soothe, protect, and brighten your face.

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Tria-age-defying-laser device explained

There is an automatic timer built-in inside the device, and you will hear an audible beep sound to indicate that it is time to proceed to the next area. Keeping the laser on the charging base in between uses is advised because it uses a large amount of battery power while using.

Tria Age-defying Laser is 1440 nm, and level 1 will put out 5 joules per pulse, level 2 with 10, and level 3 with 12 J/pulse. Each facial zone will be treated longer as you go up the three tiers. The laser emitted will create a Microscopic Columnar Thermal Zones or MTZs. Hence the device has the particular wavelength as some professional devices in the market.

How does TRIA age defying laser work

Using the facial treatment using the laser device, the energy from the device gets to the epidermis and dermis layer. The laser creates very tiny areas of damage called MTZs due to temperature and coagulation of essential proteins in very precise sections.

The MTZs created are very small that in less than a day, skin cells will start to repair the skin. As the wrinkles repairing process commence, an increase in collagen production will take place which is a good thing for your wrinkles.

After two weeks of daily use, you will notice a tremendous difference on your face seeing a radiant, youthful, and refreshed appearance. While using the device, you will be more sensitive to the rays of the sun, thus, utilizing a full range of sunblock cream or lotion every day is of vital importance.

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Does Tria Age-defying Laser work?

The laser beam of light treats the skin from the inside. It permeates the skin to generate incredibly small zones of disruption in a cellular destruction. Your skin may feel warm after treatment, but your facial surface remains undisturbed.

Natural healing is stimulated through collagen production. As new collagen are formed, wrinkles, fine lines, and other imperfections naturally disappear.

Proven effective through dermatologically clinical studies, Tria Age-defying Laser is the only home device approved by the Food and Drug Association. It is safe and efficient to use on the entire face regardless of ethnicities and skin tones. The device uses a non-ablative engineering secure to use on your forehead, cheeks, and even around your eye areas.

An exclusive money-back guarantee is available for users with a length of 90 days if you are not satisfied with the effect of your purchase.

The Tria Age-defying Laser is indicated to be a treatment for “crow’s feet” or treating periorbital wrinkles, which may result in a smoother skin appearance in the treated areas. However, the device is not effective to use for people with pimples, visible facial veins, dyschromia, and freckles.

Do not treat your eyes or eyelids or aiming directly into your eyes. It may cause serious eye injuries such as a temporary or permanent decrease in vision or permanent blindness. Refrain from applying in areas with permanent makeup or tattooed skin. Doing this may increase the risk of injury.

Does TRIA Laser Age Defying Really Work

Treat a facial zone once every 24 hours to reduce the risk of skin irritation. After every treatment and the device turns off, wait for about twenty-four hours before your next session or treatment. Most of the mild side effects will pass by themselves within few hours. That is why it is recommended to do the sessions at night, so you can have some hours of recovery for the skin.

tria-skin-rejuvenating-laserThe use of the device if you are under 18 years of age is not recommended also refrain from using if you are pregnant or if you think you are pregnant. The laser has not been tested on pregnant women, thus, FDA cannot approve the device to be used by pregnant women.

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The anti aging studies have found that the technology works! You can begin treating those wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and let the skin produce new layers of collagen fibers to fill in the wrinkles. You will have to be responsible to follow the treatment plan and do the daily treatments.

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Over 90% of the participants in the study have reported they saw improvement within the first two weeks. Though everyone’s skin is aging, the TRIA laser apparently helping many to defy this aging process. We wish you good luck and smoother skin!

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