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best anti aging laser for wrinkles
Anti Aging Lasers

Best Anti-Aging Laser For Wrinkles

[Affiliate disclosure all links to Amazon are affiliate links] Most people have heard that it is possible to use modern laser technology in order to get rid of wrinkles. This is something that has been used for many decades. In the last few years, new technology has arisen that has produced exceptional results, and you can even bring products to your home that you can use. Although the ones that are provided by a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon are going to be much more powerful, you can still do your part in the privacy of your household. Here is a quick overview of how these antiaging lasers work, and then which one of the ones that you can use at home fall under the category of the best anti-aging laser for wrinkles.

best anti aging laser for treating wrinkles at home

How Do Lasers Help With Wrinkles?

A technology was developed many years ago which is called laser resurfacing. It is a strategy that utilizes lasers that will be used on the upper layer of your skin in order to help remove wrinkles. Laser resurfacing can reduce facial wrinkles very easily. It can also help with skin irregularities. If you have ever had any scars as a result of acne, or if you have fine lines that are developing on your face right now, this can help you reduce them dramatically.


The speed at which they are able to work will depend upon the severity of the wrinkles that you have and the type of acne that you are recovering from. It may not be able to remove boxcar scars for instance, but it will be able to help reduce other forms of acne and perhaps scars that you currently have on your face. That being said, let’s look at the actual process starting with who would be the best candidate for this type of laser resurfacing.

Who Is The Best Candidate For These Procedures?

The best candidates for this procedure include those that have wrinkles that are on your forehead, around your mouth, or even around your eyes. It is also possible that those that have acne scars, and those that have nonresponsive skin as a result of getting a facelift, this might be the best technique to use. If you currently have acne right now, this can actually remove all of the dead skin cells on the top surface, removing potential blockages that could lead to acne developing. All of these problems can be addressed by simply taking advantage of laser resurfacing that can be provided by a cosmetic surgeon or licensed dermatologist in your area.

What Type Of Professional Laser Works The Best?

As you start looking for the best anti-aging laser for wrinkles that exist today, you will find many reviews stating that the CO2 laser resurfacing procedures are some of the best. This can remove not only wrinkles and scars, but you will also be able to eliminate enlarged oil glands which are very common on the tip of your nose. It is also possible that the newest versions of this laser will send short pulses of light that will be much more effective.

The latest ones use what is called ultra pulse, and for other people, continuous light beams will be applied to the skin, each delivering a treatment with minimum heat damage. It will take up to two weeks to recover from this type of treatment, but you will start to notice that the fine lines, scars, and even warts will go away. This is one of the top contenders for the best anti-aging laser for wrinkles, but there is another that might be a little better than that.

Erbium Laser Resurfacing – At Professional Clinics

This is considered by many to be one of the better forms of laser resurfacing because it can actually remove moderately deep lines on your face, chest, neck and even your hands. There are so many benefits to using this because it’s going to be very minimal in regard to burning surrounding tissue, and there are fewer side effects than when using the CO2 laser. Wrinkle laser anti aging for dark skin


Additionally, your recovery time is going to be much faster, taking no more than a week before you can do your next treatment. This typically works better with people that have darker skin, and therefore if you have a lighter complexion, you may find that the CO2 laser will be the better choice.

Watch short clip with pictures ‘before and after’ Erbium Laser resurfacing, treating wrinkles before and after images and skin spots pictures before the treatment and after it.


The Best Antiaging Laser For Wrinkles You Can Use At Home?

If you do not have the money to get these laser treatments which can costs tens of thousands of dollars, you can go with something that is much more affordable such as the Tria Beauty Age-Defying Laser which you can use at home. The cost is only a few hundred dollars for this device, and it actually has excellent reviews. People have actually seen age spots vanish, and have also seen fine lines near their eyes begin to vanish as well, helping them to look their best.

TRIA Age Defying Wrinkle Remover

It should be noted that this particular one is the best anti-aging laser for wrinkles that you can use at home, but it pales in comparison to these professional treatments that you can get from a dermatologist using the other lasers. It just depends on how soon you want to see results, and how bad your current situation is, as you are trying to figure out how to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles on your skin.

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The TRIA Age Defying laser is approved by FDA to treat the forehead, the sides of the mouth (smile lines) the sides of the eyes (crow feet lines), upperlip area which some call smoker’s lines (those can appear even if you haven’t ever smoked).

Upper lips wrinkle laser removal

The TRIA laser protocol is rather simple.

Treat the skin for 2 minutes, each day, for 5 days in a row, and then take 2 days rest. You have now completed 1 week cycle. Do these weekly cycles for 12 weeks in a row, and then take 1 month rest. You have now completed 1 full TRIA age defying treatment protocol plan. The study results show over 90% of the participants have seen improvement in their skin tightening, less wrinkles and smoother skin.

After 4 weeks participants with TRIA reported:
– 76% saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
– 87% saw a more youthful and radiant complexion
– 95% saw smoother skin
– 92% said it works better than any cream or serum

Unlike the professional lasers which resurface the skin, and have lots of possible side effects and complications, that require doctor’s supervision and guidance, the TRIA is FDA approved to be used at home. Like thousands others you can get your TRIA anti aging home laser system at Amazon and reduce your fine lines and wrinkles that bother you.

How does TRIA age defying laser work

The laser beam is projected from the laser-gap at the tip, and penetrates into the skin. The laser creates heat in the dermis layer where the collagen fibers are produced. The heat stimulates a natural process of collagen and elastin fibers production. The wrinkles get smoother over time, when the layers of new collagen and elastin are filled.

The TRIA age defying system has some mild side effects like dry skin, redness, and sensitive skin, which pass within few hours. That is why it is recommended to do your TRIA treatments at evening or just before you go to sleep, so that the skin can have several hours to recover before you go outside.  You can go and read more about the TRIA age defying laser system at Amazon before you consider to order it.

You should have higher sun awareness during the laser treatment protocol. The skin can get easily affected from the sun UV during the 12 weeks cycle. You should apply UV blocking creams and avoid direct sun exposure. Good luck removing those wrinkles! Come back and share your results.