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anti aging laser device buying guide
Anti Aging Lasers

How To Buy The Best Anti-Aging Laser?

Are home anti-aging laser the next big thing for the beauty and anti-aging industry? These devices are becoming more popular since prices are more affordable than ever before. Even though these devices are not a replacement for the kind of anti-aging laser treatments you can receive at a clinic, they can significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make you look younger.

However, choosing the right anti-aging laser is not easy since there are many manufacturers claiming to have the best product on the market. This home anti-aging laser buying guide will help you find the right product for you.

What Is A Home Anti-Aging Laser?

Laser treatments can be used to make you look younger. This technology is called fractional laser therapy. Exposure to carbon dioxide lasers causes skin cells to produce more collagen. These laser treatments used to be only available to anti-aging clinics and to dermatologists but recent technological advancements make it possible to create smaller laser devices that can safely be used at home.

These handheld devices emit a laser light that will target the top layer of the skin and stimulate collagen production and reduce the signs of aging.

What Should You Look For In An Anti-Aging Laser?

Prices range for around $100 to almost $1,000. Just like with everything else, you get what you pay for. An entry-level anti-aging laser can be a good choice if you are concerned about small wrinkles and want to maintain a youthful appearance.

For very minor superficial flaws creams and serums can be a solution, but once the skin begin to age, and collagen production slows down, an anti aging laser device will do a better job restoring the glowing look, and tight feeling you are used to.

Pick Established Anti Aging Device Manufacturers

anti aging laser buying guideIf you have deeper lines and other signs of aging such as sun spots, a more performing laser would be a better choice. Look for a laser that that is made by a well-known manufacturer.

TRIA – The best known and most famous home laser is the TRIA Age Defying Laser. TRIA is a leader manufacturer for home lasers. They have began nearly 15 years ago with home hair removal lasers, and became a laser technological leader ever since. Their main expertise is home laser systems for beauty and aesthetics.

iluminage – Is a rather new brand, which is a joint venture of Syneron Medical and the consumer giant Unilever. Syneron is an advanced Israeli innovative company, and the holder for the ELOS technology patent. Syneron is a manufacturer for professional grade aesthetics devices for doctors and dermatologist clinics. iluminage is one of their devices available for home use.

Tripollar – Is rather new brand and player, also an Israeli hi-tech innovative company. Using RF radio frequency waves to conduct the skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing.

Silk’n is like TRIA a well known brand for hair removal devices. Silk’n is also an Israeli based company a leader in technology for hair removal and skin aesthetics. Silk’n has been a winner of many awards for their hair removal devices. The FaceFX is not ‘laser’ but works on LED light technology, which imitates the laser wavelength to preform similar collagen changes in the skin.

Buy Only FDA Approved Devices

All the manufacturers above have FDA approval for their anti aging devices too:

  • iLuminage Skin Smoothing Laser – is FDA approved only for sides of eyes, cheekbones, and around mouth.
  • TRIA Age Defying Laser – has FDA approval for side of eyes (crow feet wrinkles) side of mouth, cheekbones, and forehead.
  • Tripollar Stop Skin Tightening Machine – is FDA approved, for all facial areas (like the TRIA).
  • Silk’n FaceFx Anti-Aging LED Device – FDA approved for all facial areas and for other aging skin like neck and hands.

NON of these devices can be used near or on the eye lids!!

Anti Aging Devices Buying Guide – By Price

The devices you see above are can be ranked also by price. Though prices change, and occasional discounts and coupons are offered randomly by sellers, we have placed them on a scale from top to bottom, just so you can know what to expect:

  • iLuminage Skin Smoothing Laser – approx $600.
  • TRIA Age Defying Laser – approx $500.
  • Tripollar Stop Skin Tightening Machine – approx $400.
  • Silk’n FaceFx Anti-Aging LED Device – approx $150.

TRIA is by far selling more units than all the rest combined.

Which Specs Should You Look At?

The best way to find an anti-aging laser that will deliver the results you want is to look at the specs of the device. Look for a device with a fractional laser light since this is the technology used by anti-aging clinics. Other types of laser lights might not yield the same results as laser clinics.

TRIA Age Defying Laser

TRIA anti aging buying guideThe TRIA is using this type of fractional laser with 1440 nano-meter wavelength. The ‘fractional laser’ means the laser is split into hundreds of tiny spots of light which together cover the area treated, each penetrating into the dermis layer, and creating stimulation heat there.

The Pros:

  1. Laser is very effective passing light energy to penetrate the skin layers and reach the dermis layer.
  2. Professional clinics use laser too as main anti aging, skin rejuvenation smoothing technology.
  3. It is cordless very convenient to use where ever you want.
  4. Includes safety sensors to protect your skin from misusing it.

The Cons:

  1. Laser has side effects, most side effects are minor (redness, prickling, dry skin) and pass within 24 hours, others may last little longer.
  2. Laser is also more painful than other solutions.
  3. Once the rechargeable battery is done, a new device is needed (2-3 years)

Bottom line TRIA laser anti aging works! Many customers report they see noticeable results, they feel their skin got smoother and wrinkles diminished. You can read TRIA age Defying Laser reviews at Amazon, how the TRIA was effective for them, check the link.

Click to see Amazon reviews and order your Age Defying laser from Amazon.

The Tripollar Stop Skin Tightening Machine

Tripollar Stop - RF Facial Skin buying guideIs stimulating the collagen, by transferring a RF radio-frequency waves with the four electrode bars. The RF is radio waves, when sent in a specific way they can generate heat, just like your ear gets warm after a long cellphone conversation.

The pros:

  1. The RF is very safe, and has little or no side effects when compared to laser.
  2. RF is not painful.
  3. The device has a heat sensor, to monitor the heat generated so it is the exact level which stimulates the collagen.
  4. AC power, can last for years, (no rechargeable battery that gets eventually emptied).
  5. Effective results tightening facial skin, firmer skin results for a younger look.

The cons:

  1. People adapt newer technologies slowly, most people do not understand how RF work so they dismiss it.
  2. The Tripollar Stop is not cordless.
  3. It is better at skin tightening, skin firming than targeting wrinkles.

Bottom line, it works! The RF creates heat at he collagen level to stimulate firmness and can be used as a wrinkle remover. Many happy customers report skin firming results, skin tightening and wrinkles improvement.

Click here to order the TriPollar Stop RF device from Amazon and read the latest customer reviews.


Silk’n FaceFx Anti-Aging LED Device

FaceFX silkn anti aging laserSilk’n uses LED lights to create the desired heat at the skin. The LEDs emit the 645 nm red light emitting diode (LED) as anti aging wavelength, but the light is not focused like laser but sends the light spreading wider. It is the most ‘gentle’ of the technologies described above.


  1. The device is safe, easy to use.
  2. Can be used also on the neck, hands, and any place which as saggy skin and wrinkles.
  3. It is cordless comfortable to use anywhere,
  4. It has little to no side effects.
  5. It is significantly cost less than Laser or RF.

The cons:

  1. The LED light does not penetrate the skin like laser.
  2. Being gentle, some feel it is not as effective as laser.
  3. Good for improving skin radiance, less to tackle prominent wrinkles.

Bottom line, a device for younger women with skin firming and skin tightening needs, will improve skin radiance, smoothing glow, effective for hands and neck anti aging treatment too. Less effective for treating deeper wrinkles and exhausted collagen production.

Click here to order the Silk’n FaceFX anti aging LED system from Amazon.

Anti Aging Treatment Plan Comparison

anti aging laser device buying guide

The TRIA protocol is to use it every day for 5 days, and then 2 days off, this goes for 12 weeks.

The Silk’n and Tripollar protocol is 2-3 times a week (taking a day off between treatments), for 7-8 weeks.

The spot size of the device has an impact of the size of the area you can treat.  The Tripollar and Silk’n have a larger cover area, yet they use less energy per cm2. The TRIA covers less area with a higher level of energy. All systems work with a gliding motion, which means you need to move the tip on the skin back and forth, and allow the light/RF to pulse on the go.

No matter which device you decide to go for, follow through the whole treatment plan to the letter. Investing money and making shortcuts will not help diminish your wrinkles.

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect?

Where can you use TRIA age defying laserHome anti-aging lasers work by stimulating collagen production in your skin cells. Low collagen levels are caused by aging, smoking and sun exposure. Low collagen levels cause wrinkles and lines to appear and can make your skin look dull.

You should see a difference after a few weeks of using an anti-aging laser. Wrinkles should be less noticeable and your skin should have a youthful glow.

The results you can expect really depend on how well your skin cells react to the treatment and on the strength of the anti-aging laser you are using.

A weaker laser or lower energy settings, might have minimal effects while a laser with a pulse that is too strong could cause redness in some areas. This is why it is best to look for a laser that allows you to adjust the strength of the pulse. You will be able to test different strengths and figure out which setting to use to get the best results.

It is understandable people search for the best anti aging device, but it is important to know each device has different benefits. The TriPollar Stop is great for firming and skin tightening and can improve wrinkles and fine lines, the Silk’n costs less and can be used for neck and hands as well, the TRIA is the only real anti aging wrinkle treatments but costs more and can not be used on the hands or neck.

Click here to get your TRIA anti aging device sent to you from Amazon.

Check The Return Policy

You should always check the return policy when shopping online. This applies to home anti-aging lasers. Because getting one of these devices represent a significant expense, you need to make sure that you will be able to return the laser and to get your money back if you are not satisfied with it.

TRIA Age Defying laser has a 90 days money back guarantee!

Which allows you to buy and test it and see results or ask for your money back! This is certainly a bold offer from manufacturer. Click here to order the TRIA risk free from Amazon.

the TriPollar has two years product warranty, which covers the technical side and operation of the product.

Check the seller’s or manufacturer’s return policy before ordering a laser and find out how long you have before returning the product. Ideally, you should have a few weeks so you can use the laser and see if it helps reduce signs of aging or not. When buying from Amazon you know you are covered with ability to return items and get A-Z coverage.


Shopping for a home anti-aging laser can be complicated since there are so many products to choose from. We hope this anti aging buying guide was helpful for you. And you have more information and knowledge to order the device which fits your needs, and know what to expect from each technology.



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