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TRIA Age Defying Laser FDA Approval Letter

TRIA laser devices FDA approved for eye wrinkles treatmentOne of the most important things before buying a home anti aging laser device meant for personal care, is to check whether or not it has FDA approval. Buying a laser device (or any health related device) which does not have an FDA clearance means you are risking using a device which may cause you harm. The TRIA Age Defying laser has FDA approval which clears it for home use. In this short post we will highlight the important details you need to know before buying or using the device.

TRIA Anti Aging Laser FDA Clearance

The TRIA Anti Aging laser device was cleared by FDA at 2013. The FDA office in California has issued an official letter which clears the device to be used as stated. You can read the full FDA clearance letter here.

It is important to know that the FDA does not check or examine the devices it clears, they request to see tests and trials, and based on those they validate what can be claimed about the devices they approve. When ever a device is based on a known technology the manufacturer has to prove their device is similar, and has the same technological specs as the original technology.

“Age Defying Laser” Name Not Mentioned by FDA

Regarding the TRIA age defying laser system, the ‘branded’ name “Age Defying Laser” was probably not yet released at the time of the approval process, so in the FDA approval the machine is called Tria FAN, and not Age Defying Laser. This is very common for many companies, which wait with the release of the ‘marketing’ name of their product, and the FDA approval is done under a different generic name, not the same as most customers may know it.

Intended For Use Around the Eyes

The last page in the FDA approval letter has a place where it sums the indication of use approved. We have been reading several FDA approval letters or other devices too, enough to know the FDA can be quite specific about what it approves.
“Tria FAN is indicated for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles, which may result in smoother appearing skin in the treated area.”
This is the FDA line which sums up the approval of the device.
It says two important things we consumers learn from. The TRIA anti aging device (here called FAN) can be used for “periorbital wrinkles” and “may result” in smoother skin.

What is “Periorbital Wrinkles”?

According to Miriam Webster dictionary:
“Medical definition of periorbital: of, relating to, occurring in, or being the tissues surrounding or lining the orbit of the eye.” See here.

So the TRIA age defying laser got the FDA approval and indication for use on the ‘periorbital wrinkles’ which are the wrinkles at the sides of the eyes, also known as ‘Crow Feet’ wrinkles. The device booklet and official site expands the approval to use the device on other facial expression wrinkles. The side of nose, the side of mouth and chin. Though the skin features across the face are similar, the device study submitted for the FDA approval process was done on 60 people for the periorbital wrinkles only.

“May Result” in a Smoother Skin

The FDA does not indicate whether the TRIA Age Defying laser is 100% effective or not, it just states according to the studies which were submitted that using the device ‘may result’ in a smoother skin.

Anti Aging Laser Results May Vary

The physical factors for the success of the TRIA anti laser treatment are numerous. The type of skin, thickness, collagen cells, elastin cells, the ability to reproduce cells, the accuracy and sustainability of the daily treatments. There may be different results based what other creams are used, how well is the skin cleaned prior to the treatment and how well it is nourished after.

You can order the TRIA anti aging laser device directly from Amazon.

Some women said they could see significant results right after the 12 weeks cycle, other said the results were OK for the smaller wrinkles but more disappointing results (or none at all) for the deeper wrinkles. This is an example of missed expectations, the device was not intended to be used for the deeper wrinkles in the first place.

Click here and see more customer reviews about the TRIA Age defying laser. If you know what to expect, there are more chances for success than expecting the device to perform changes it was not meant to do.


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