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The Tria Beauty Age-Defying laser is an anti-aging product designed to be used at home. The technology is the same as the one used by dermatologists and beauty clinics. This handheld laser can be used to treat wrinkles, lines and other signs of aging.

There are other anti-aging laser devices meant for home use (like the iLuminage Skin Smoothing laser) and it is important to compare different products before choosing one. Pain and side effects is probably one of the things you will want to take into consideration before choosing an anti-aging laser.

How Does The Tria Beauty Age-Defying Laser Work?

If you have received anti-aging laser treatments in a specialized clinic before, you are probably familiar with fractional laser therapy. This technology resurfaces the skin by targeting skin cells that make up the top layers of the skin.

Exposure to the fractional laser causes these skin cells to produce more collagen. This is an efficient treatment method for aging signs caused by low collagen levels.

Collagen production slows down with age but smoking and exposure to sun rays can cause collage levels to drop. As a result, the skin is dry and might look dull. Wrinkles and other signs of aging are more likely to appear. The Tria Beauty Age-Defying laser restores collagen production just like a laser used in a clinic would and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Where can you use TRIA age defying laser

Is Tria Age Defying Laser Pain An Issue?

Anti-aging laser treatments can cause a painful sensation. Some patients experience a mild tingling while others are more sensitive to pain. The skin can look red and swollen for a few minutes after the treatment.

However, Tria Age Defying laser pain should not be an issue when using this device. Because it is designed for home use, the laser is not as strong as the equipment available to clinics and dermatologists. There is very little pain involved compared to anti-aging laser treatments received in clinics and the laser is strong enough to yield results and make you look younger.

The difference is that you have to use the Tria Beauty laser on a daily basis for a period of up to three months while you would undergo a couple of treatment sessions if you chose to go to a clinic or a dermatologist instead.

Are There Any Side Effects?

TRIA anti aging laser side effectsAnti-aging laser treatments at professional clinics can cause some prominent side effects other than redness and swelling. The Tria Beauty age defying laser is not powerful enough to cause any serious side effects.

This is a gentler approach that will yield results on the long-term instead of exposing your skin to harsher laser treatments like the ones offered by anti-aging clinics.

Common TRIA Age Defying Laser Side Effects

The most common side effects are, redness, sensitivity, dry skin, puffed skin, some swelling, which all usually pass within 24 hours.

The skin needs some recovery downtime, so the treatments are better when done in the evening, allowing a long night recovery for the skin. Do not use the laser on the affected area again until the symptoms are gone.

More rare side effects are skin pigmentation, where there is melanin production where the skin was treated, and small tiny brown dots appear. This side effect usually pass within few weeks.

You can reduce the common side effects by doing the post treatment protocol recommended by TRIA. They have 2-3 creams designed to help the skin recover from the laser treatment.

The TRIA Complete Look Skin Series

The protocol of the treatment includes cleansing the skin before (so nothing interferes the laser), and applying hydrating creams and nourishing creams to help the recovery from the laser session.

When you order your TRIA age defying laser add to your cart the post treatment Finishing Serum and vitamin C Moisturizer, your skin will need both after each session.

    • Tria Beauty Finishing Serum –  Specially formulated to work with your Tria Age-Defying Laser, soothes, hydrates and brightens the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Tria Beauty Super C Brightening Moisturizer – Expertly formulated with a unique oil-based form of Vitamin C, for better absorption, and Hexylresorcinol, for superior brightening, it doesn’t irritate sensitive, laser-treated skin.


TRIA laser post treatment creams and serums


You should apply the post treatment serums and creams to help the skin recover from redness or swelling in the area treated.

What Kind Of Results Can You Get?

tria-skin-rejuvenating-laserUsing the Tria Beauty Age-Defying laser will make your wrinkles less visible and will prevent more lines and wrinkles from appearing. You can use the laser anywhere you have wrinkles and signs of aging, including around your mouth or in the corner of your eyes. The laser will stimulate collagen production, which can help with dry skin.

After 4 weeks participants reported:
– 76% saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
– 87% saw a more youthful and radiant complexion
– 95% saw smoother skin
– 92% said it works better than any cream or serum

It will give your skin a youthful glow and you will notice that your skin feels smoother to the touch. Signs of aging like sun spots and discoloration should also be less noticeable.

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Is This A Better Option Than Anti-Aging Clinics?

If you are concerned about Tria Age Defying laser pain, using an at-home anti-aging laser is a much less painful experience than receiving an anti-aging laser treatment in a clinic.

The lasers used by dermatologists and anti-aging clinics are stronger and can cause side effects that will last a few days. You should not experience serious pain at home or at the clinic most patients experience a sensation that can be described as prickling and warmth against their skin with each pulse of the laser.

Check out the TRIA Wrinkle Laser Review clip below:

TRIA 90 Days Money Back GuaranteePrice is also a consideration – The cost of the Tria Beauty anti-aging laser is comparable to what a single anti-aging laser treatment would cost. The advantage is that you will be able to keep using the laser for as long as you need to. Customers use the TRIA for touch up treatments and renew the cycle every few months.

You get a 90 days money back guarantee when buying the TRIA, this means there is nothing to loose, you either see results, or get your money back. Click here to read the money back guarantee and shipping options when you order your device from Amazon.

How Can You Get Even Better Results?

Combining laser treatments with other skin care methods will yield better results. You can use the Tria Beauty anti-aging laser once a day to stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Using the laser will make your skin glow and signs of aging will soon become a lot less noticeable.

You can get better results by nourishing your skin with a good moisturizer and by protecting it from the sun.

If you are a smoker, think about quitting since nicotine causes a lot of damages to skin cells. Staying away from coffee and alcohol should also make a difference. Ideally, the Tria Beauty age defying laser should be one of the treatments you use as part of your anti-aging skin care routine.

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Most people do not experience ‘pain’ when using the Tria Beauty age defying laser because the treatment is a lot less harsh than the lasers used in clinics. Some discomfort is described, and the prickling sensation. This is a good way to look younger if you want something that you can use at home!




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