Tria Age Defying Laser System Review ❤️‍

If you have noticed new wrinkles and lines near your eyes, your forehead or on the sides of your mouth, than you have reached the right page. The TRIA Age Defying Laser is designed to treat these exact skin aging symptoms.

In this review you can read all about the TRIA Age Defying laser device, learn its pros and cons, upsides and downsides, its safety features and how to make the most of it once you order it.

Anti Aging System TRIA Review

Few years back, the only option to treat facial wrinkles and fine lines was to attend aesthetic clinics which offered professional laser treatments. These were very expensive and time consuming.

Professional beauty clinics use high energy lasers, which do a better job heating and resurfacing the skin, but also have more prominent side effects. Patients were left suffering for up to a week with red and sensitive skin. So not only these treatments were pricey, they usually required also longer recovery time.

But these days are over, old style laser treatments are less popular once the at home laser systems arrived. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to see wrinkles disappear and skin complexion tone improved. You can get radiant skin results with the TRIA Age Defying laser which is the leading home system for wrinkle treatment.

TRIA Age Defying Wrinkle Remover


What is TRIA Age Defying Laser

What is it – The TRIA Age-Defying laser is a luxury dermatological device to treat and repair for skin flaws. The TRIA anti aging device can tighten saggy skin, slough away wrinkles and fine lines and stimulate the skin to treat itself from within. Participants in the TRIA anti aging laser study reported seeing first results 2 weeks after beginning the treatments!

Overview – The Age Defying device is a cordless, rechargeable hand held laser applicator intended to treat skin aging flaws on the face. A specific wavelength of laser is used to stimulate the natural reproduction process of collagen and elastin in the dermis skin layer.

The Tria Age-Defying Laser is using the same fractional non-ablative laser technology which is used at professional skin aesthetic clinics but on a smaller scale.

TRIA age defying facial laser system review

What is Fractional non-ablative laser

“Fractional non-ablative laser” means the laser light which is pulsed at the skin is passing through a set of lens which separate it into thousands of tiny laser beams. “Non ablative” means the laser light does not cause and damage to the upper epidermis layer, and does not wound the skin tissue (that’s why these laser types are also called non-wounding laser).

These particular treatments have grown significantly in popularity as a more sought after alternative compared to many of the more invasive procedures. The way in which TRIA laser work is by emitting micro size beams that are very precise of laser light directly into the skin.

TRIA Technology Specs

The wavelength used by the TRIA is 1440 nano-meter, which can penetrate 450 microns to the lower dermis layers. The light reaches the skin cells deep down in the skin and boost production of the vitally important collagen. See the info-graphic image below.

TRIA age defying laser collagen
TRIA Compared to Clinic Lasers

The Tria Age Defying Laser is not as powerful as professional grade lasers. The professional-graded lasers that are commonly used in doctor’s rooms and beauty salons use a longer wavelength (1900 nano meter) and use higher output energy of light per pulse, those are permitted to be used only under technician observance and not at home.

The TRIA home laser results from using the device regularly will show up within as little as 2 to 3 weeks.

TRIA What’s in the box? The laser hand held applicator laser, the charging dock which means that no batteries are needed, a charging cable, and the booklet with operating instructions user guide.

Click here and order your Advanced TRIA Anti Aging Laser and begin smoothing your facial wrinkles.

The Tria Age Defying Laser Side Effects

Similar to all the other types of laser treatments available on the markets, the user is advised to consult with their dermatologist on any skin conditions or skin sensitivity that they may have before deciding to invest in or use the Tria Age Defying Laser.

Many people who consider laser as a viable anti-aging treatment for their skin, may be concerned about the side effects involved.  The light beam goes through the upper epidermis and into the lower dermis to  stimulate collagen growth by delivering light and heat into the cells.

Side effects with TRIA Age Defying treatment?

The body is not prepared to the intense light and heat, so it reacts in ways to protect itself from them. Most of the side effects are very temporary they pass over night. Some of them last more than 24 hours, and rarely they last for more than that (few days/weeks).

There are side effects in any treatment we do to the body, from laser hair removal to excessive workout. Follow the user guide instruction. If it says to glide the device, then glide it. If it says not to overlap, then don’t. All the safety guidelines have a reason.

For many people there are no significant side effects… except from the treatment zapping, which may be pricking sensation at the skin, and temporary redness.
TRIA anti aging laser side effects

Which Side Effects Can You Expect With Treatment

Anti Aging Skin Laser Treatment atHome90% Redness – The most common type of side effect, which is cause by the light/heat energy of the laser. When the skin gets warm it gets red, either from the sun, or when in the sauna. You need to use the lower setting (out of three) on the first week, to get the skin adjusted to feeling and manage to cope with the treatment. It is recommended to apply skin nourishing creams right after to sooth the feeling.

90% Prickling – It is a side effect associated with the treatment itself. The laser does not pulse in one unified beam, but thousands of parallel beams. Each of them can be felt on the skin like a needle pricking. Once you turn off the device the feeling is gone.

83% Burning – Very common sensation related to the fact the skin is projected with light and heat. Just like few hours in the sun, the skin reacts to the heat created in the lower levels with a burning sensitivity. It may also show up with the redness as well. This usually passes within few hours.

30% Dry skin – 30% of the people in the study reported it, and it shows here and there in the TRIA reviews too. The heat and light dry the upper layer (like a day on the beach), and leave a tight feeling. This too pass as the skin recovers, and self oils the epidermis. TRIA has several ‘after treatment’ serums and creams which are recommended too.

23% Acne Flare – Some of those who use TRIA and had acne on the skin may see this side effect. The cell stimulation, which by itself is what is supposed to happen to create new elastin fibers and collagen, stimulate the acne too. In this case the skin may need a rest and you should consult with your dermatologist.

11% Pigmentation (brown dots) – A rather rare side effect, 11% of the participants in the study reported it. This happens when the skin tries to protect itself from the excessive light which is projected at it, by producing more melanin. Melanin are pigmentation cells which are normally produced when tanning, when the skin turns darker. With TRIA the skin might react to the laser by producing many tiny brown spots like ‘brown freckles’. This type of side effect can last for few weeks or even couple of month until it fully disappear. If you see such brown dots pigmentation appear, do not continue the treatment.

Follow the protocol, the treatment plan, the how-to instructions and be conscious of how your skin reacts. Thousands of customers like you have used the TRIA, most of them saw improvement in the skin appearance within 2-4 weeks, younger, smoother more radiant skin. Click here and order your TRIA device, it comes with a 90 days money back guarantee so you have nothing to risk.

How To Use Tria Age Defying Laser

First Step – Clean your face – The TRIA laser must only be used after the facial skin was thoroughly cleaned with a facial cleanser. It is important to make sure that all make-up, powder, lotions, creams, serums and dirt is completely removed. The reason for this is so that these impurities are not able to interfere with how the light beams are delivered into the skin.

Pick the energy level setting – The next step on using this device would be to select the treatment level that is desired. The Tria Age Defying Laser provides three options. You should begin with the lowest level at the first week, and then move upward as the weeks pass and you feel comfortable with the feeling and the skin is adjusted to the laser.

Place the TRIA Laser tip correctly – To use the device the tip on the device needs to placed against the skin and then to move this tip very carefully in horizontal motions from the area of the cheeks, the forehead, as well as the chin.

Use it in a gliding motion on 4 zones – The correct way to use the age defying device is by gliding motion. This means you move it from side to side slowly while the tip is always touching the skin. It can be used on the four facial zones as shown in the image.

TRIA age defying laser facial skin areas

Where TRIA anti aging laser should not be used? It is very important that you avoid using the laser over or near the area of the eyes and never aim the laser directly into the eyes. This includes going over the eyelids too!! The light can penetrate the eyelids thin skin and cause permanent damage to your eyes!

People with permanent makeup or any tattoos anywhere on the area of the face, should avoid using the laser over these areas. Pigmented skin reacts differently when pulsed with laser, it can get heated or the stimulation can cause pigmented cells to reproduce and fade.

Where are your wrinkles and fine lines? If they are mainly around the eyes (crow’s feet) and around the mouth, and forehead, click here and order the TRIA age defying laser ASAP. within 2-4 weeks most people report they saw improvement! Check price at Amazon.

Can the TRIA Age Defying Laser be used on the neck?

No you can not – According to the manufacturer, the answer is NO. The TRIA has FDA clearance to treat only the four facial zones as shown above (forehead, two cheekbones, upper lips and chin). Note all these areas have a even skin surface because of the skull bone under them and part of the instructions is to press the device only to areas with bone underneath.

using tria anti aging laser on the neck

The neck’s skin is loose, wobbly, saggy and as no bone under only soft flesh tissue, and uneven surface. There are chances it would be difficult to glide the device smoothly over neck skin, and preform the treatment as planned.

Why you can’t treat the neck – When the TRIA device is not in gliding motion, it will beep and warn. But more important is that when it is not gliding, you are probably zapping the same area over and over, not as intended, and this can cause excessive overdose of light and heat..

Check what customers who have used the TRIA laser are saying about it – Read latest reviews here.

Using The TRIA Anti Aging On the Hands

For the same reason the TRIA age defying laser is not supposed to be used on the hand’s skin. The skin of the back of the hand, is not as loose as the neck, and usually has many wrinkles and fine lines. But it has an uneven surface which may make it improper for the TRIA laser to glide smoothly as intended.

There is no FDA for using TRIA on the hands either.

Using TRIA not as intended – With all this said, reading through user reviews across many forums and platforms, we came across those who have used it over the neck and on their hand. They stretched the neck and skin before gliding the device over it. Some of them even reported about seeing results with neck skin getting smoother.

TRIA Safety Sensors – The system has two sensors (see below)they both need to be covered by skin to unlock it. This prevents the device from accidentally pulsing if its not on the skin.

Tria-age-defying-laser System review

Post Treatment  – Once the treatment is completed, the skin needs to be nourished with night creams or skin serum to help the hydrate the skin and restore its radiance elements. TRIA offer a post-treatment finishing serum and Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer, for each complete daily session.

The TRIA Complete Look Skin Series

You can shop for each of them separately, or add them all when ordering the TRIA laser at Amazon:

    • Tria Beauty Finishing Serum –  Specially formulated to work with your Tria Age-Defying Laser, soothes, hydrates and brightens the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Tria Beauty Super C Brightening Moisturizer – Expertly formulated with a unique oil-based form of Vitamin C, for better absorption, and Hexylresorcinol, for superior brightening, it doesn’t irritate sensitive, laser-treated skin.
    • Tria Beauty Overnight Brightening Boost Facial – Overnight Brightening Boost Facial is specially formulated for laser-treated skin, helping to improve discoloration while replenishing essential moisture.


TRIA laser post treatment creams and serums

Keep it charged – The Tria Age Defying Laser must always be placed into its charger when not in use, to ensure that the device is fully charged as well as ready for a new treatment.

The TRIA Laser Battery Life Span Issue

The TRIA has a rechargeable battery, which can be used for about three years (according to TRIA). Like with their hair removal devices and like similar anti aging systems, the battery can not be replaced. When the recharging ability of the lithium battery gets exhausted, the device will not be able to recharge and emit laser. It would be time to order a new device.

Some customers complain that getting a $500 unit which lasts for only three years is not fair, we see it differently.

The alternative to laser wrinkle treatment at home, is going to a clinic, which is 10X over more expensive than purchasing a TRIA.

The investment for 2-3 years of recurring anti aging laser treatments at home is an awesome return on investment. It’s $180 per year, which is about $15 per month… Most probably the creams you have on your makeup desk right now cost more.

TRIA 90 Days Money Back GuaranteeTRIA Has 90 Days Money Back Guarantee

This is quite a unique feature which should make anyone thinking to purchase a TRIA go over to Amazon and order one, as long as it is still there.

If you have seen the TRIA laser protocol, than you noticed it is a 12 week treatment cycle, and most people begin to notice results after the first 2-4 weeks. 12 weeks = 84 days.

TRIA is offering 90 days money back guarantee! So you can order it, activate it (contacting the company online or by phone) and your guarantee is activated. Check it out, give it a try, test it to see if you can see results. If you are not satisfied, and it does not work for you, no wrinkles are gone, no fine lines smoothed, no tighter skin… return it and get your investment back. It can’t be more fair than that.

Click here and order your TRIA anti aging laser and see if the 90 days guarantee is still valid.

To make sure that the device is used in the correct manner, read the instructions available in the packaging.

If you use the device and experience irritation or any other types of unexpected side effects, you should discontinue and consult with your dermatologist/doctor in order to find out whether you can continue use with the Tria Ant Aging Laser.

Tria Age-Defying Laser Results

Most of us want to look as youthful as possible. Growing older has the advantages of experience, wisdom, and the resolve to care less about what others think. Even so, we want to be attractive for ourselves, our partner, our workplace and just in general.

Does It Really Work?

If you read through Tria Age-Defying Laser reviews Many say their Tria Age-Defying Laser results are everything they hope for and more. One woman said that after several applications her skin began to dry and then peel away. What was left was baby like new skin that made her look years younger.

After 4 weeks participants reported:
– 76% saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
– 87% saw a more youthful and radiant complexion
– 95% saw smoother skin
– 92% said it works better than any cream or serum

In as little as two weeks many notice their wrinkles beginning to soften and disappear.

Click here and begin your treatment with the TRIA laser, activate the body’s natural healing mechanism to refill collagen fibers to smooth out wrinkles.

The Things Customers Report Liking The Most
1. This technology boosted the amount of radiance others could see as well as tightening my skin.
2. Many report their crows feet were diminished or eliminated in as little as one month’s time.
3. Colleagues, Family, and others commented that users appeared to be better rested.
4. Age spots completely disappeared after the full twelve-week procedure.

Things Customers Reported Not Liking About The Device
1. The battery issue only rechargeable for three years.
2. Some felt the price was high.
3. While most users reported satisfactory results some customers said they noticed little or no changes even after twelve weeks.

TRIA age defying laser results

The home treatment is a fraction of the cost of going to a doctors office. And it’s very convenience to able to do it in your home.

The technology can be used by both men and women and any skin type.

Click here and see customer review and TRIA’s latest price at Amazon.

It is ideal for those who want the benefit of this type of treatment without having to spend thousands of dollars getting it. Obviously, the results will last for a good amount of time, but not forever. But having it in your home means you can do the procedure again when you need.