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[Affiliate disclosure all links to Amazon are affiliate links] As we get older we hate our wrinkles and our saggy skin, so we are willing to do everything it takes to look younger. Not everyone is willing to pay or undergo a cosmetic surgery, in many cases the wrinkles and fine lines are so delicate that it is possible that they are visible only to us when we look in the mirror.

There’s no wonder skin rejuvenation treatments have known a massive development. If you are one of the people who wouldn’t want to choose surgery to look younger, and you have tried creams and serums already you should know that modern technology has made it possible to fight the aging process and delay the onset of its clinical signs. Today through various alternative methods such as Tria Age-Defying laser, iLuminage Skin Smoothing Laser, microdermabrasion, and electric stimulation of superficial muscles.

Anti aging laser and EMS systems

Whatever method you choose, you need to undergo a thorough research work, in order to make sure you’re going to enjoy its benefits to the full, with very few side effects or adverse reactions.

When searching for Tria Age-Defying laser users reviews, you should be prepared to spend a lot of time on various websites, as you have to understand how this method works before starting to read what patients think about it.

Only a good understanding of the procedure and of the involved side effects will provide you a clear image of the treatment. You can then tune your expectations in accordance with these risks, and perform an evaluation of the benefits.

This is why you should also talk to your doctor about your intention of choosing this treatment, in order to find out whether you’d qualify or not. You can also make an appointment with a professional anti aging laser clinic, the laser technician is going to ask you enough relevant questions in order to assess your eligibility for the treatment which can help you learn more about the devices, technology and treatment routine.

All these being said, you may be able to find many Tria Age-Defying laser users reviews on various discussion forums, Facebook groups, health sites with antiaging topics. We have made some of the effort and reviewed what users have been saying about the TRIA laser. Many of reviews are positive and some are negative, we gathered both opinions so you can make an informed purchase after reading both.

TRIA Age Defying Laser User Review Summery 2017

TRIA Age Defying laser Reviews Summery

The satisfaction from a device which costs $500, means it has to be visible and clear. No one praises a such a costly purchase if the results are poor. On the other side, some have very high expectations from the TRIA wrinkle remover, expecting deep wrinkles to disappear.

When it comes to stimulating reproduction of collagen fibers, and to get wrinkles smoother again, most  creams aren’t that useful. Creams work on the top layers only (epidermis), while the laser works on the lower collagen layers of the dermis. Many people use along side with the laser anti aging creams and  serums. In some cases the synergy is good and good results can be achieved. The problem is that when reading a review, these extra treatments are not always mentioned.

There are enough people at all ages who want only the best treatments for themselves and have invested in the TRIA anti aging device for home use. We will show you some of what the users say, pros and cons, so you can learn more about it before you order your own TRIA device.

TRIA Age Defying Wrinkle Remover

Below you’ll probably be finding at least a few Tria Age-Defying laser users reviews which could help you assess the effectiveness and the risks of this treatment.

Ideally, you should seek to find out the negative points that might prevent you from obtaining a good result. You should search for users complaining about adverse reactions and post-treatment side effects or health issues. You should also try to identify whether those patients were suffering from various medical conditions that may have made them unfit for laser treatments.

TRIA Age Defying Laser Negative Reviews

There are more positive reviews to the TRIA anti aging laser, than critic or negative reviews, but it is worth to know what those who thought less of it are saying.

Note that you must read the negative reviews with some critic in mind. Not all people are the same, not everyone uses the device as described. Many people have unrealistic expectations from the TRIA laser they have bought. If someone who had an interdiction to use such treatments has ignored it, a negative review won’t be meaningful to you unless you suffer from the same ailments that prevented that person from being eligible for the Tria laser procedure.

TRIA Anti Aging Device Negative Reviews 2

Many of the critic and negative reviews are related to a technical issue, TRIA had with the base unit charging. It is covered by the device 90 days warranty, and it has been solved in the newer devices released. Still customers few years ago were disappointed by this. Another issue was side effects which are part of the treatment, for some their skin did not react well, and the side effects were more prominent than they expected.

We have collected here TRIA Anti Aging negative user reviews from many places, but not from, as Amazon does not allow website owners to recite their reviews. These are negative reviews from other sites:

Unfortunately, it seems that there are lots of reviews of the product not charging, which is a huge problem. I’ve had mine plugged in for 3 days now and it still hasn’t attained a full charge.See more.

I used daily for the amount of time stated on level 2. I haven’t seen any change in wrinkles on my face. My problem area is around my lips. I will try it for a second time to see if I get any results. Would return today if I wasn’t past the return date.” See more.

I only got 1 week use before it stopped working. Hopefully getting a replacement won’t be too difficult.” Source.

Im asian, and in my early 30’s. I’ve used this for a whole month. Im using the level 3 on my Tria Age Defying laser device. I did not see any results! Also i have developed pigmentation and dark spots along my cheek bone and my cheek bone. I returned it. And now i have these dark spots to worry about before I didn’t.Source.

You can check here to read the TRIA Defying Laser reviews from Amazon.

Once you’re done with the negative side of these reviews, you should take a look at the positives as well. A treatment that’s harmless but barely effective may not be too enticing, especially when it’s far from being cheap.

TRIA Age Defying Laser Positive Reviews

This is why you need to make sure other patients who have tried it have been satisfied with the results. Even though we are all unique beings, and therefore have unique responses to various treatments, a big number of positive reviews on the effectiveness of a treatment should be a sign that something must be good about it.

TRIA Laser Age Defying Positive Reviews

Hands down… AHHMAZING! While the Tria helped with wrinkles and skin discoloration, a benefit I wasn’t expecting was the disappearance of my T- zone oil slick I’ve had since puberty. I just throw on some Makeup Forever skin equalizer face primer and that’s all I need. My face is matte and glowing at the same time. It really is amazing!Source.

This product really works great and there is a noticeable diminution in my lines especially around my neck.Source.

By about day 10 it didn’t bother me at all, and I could see that my skin was getting very soft and kind of “glowy” like a younger woman #I am 42#. The lines around my eyes are definitely softer, too. The laser is like exercise – a bit uncomfortable at first, but gets better as you go, and worth the results in the end.Source.

I received my Tria as a gift for my 60th birthday last August. Best gift I have received in a very long time. I was really afraid to use it and struggled a little with it at first. I finally got the hang of it and now it is easy to use. I used it according to directions. Now I am doing my second round of treatments. I found that the results from the first treatment lasted a lot longer than I had expected!! I have mostly age spots, which I absolutely hate!! They looked like tiny freckles by the end of my first treatment. Fantastic!!!” (dontlook60) Source.

At 48 going on 49 , I have a lot of sun damage and was skeptical but hopeful. After using the laser nightly, after cleansing and for 30 days …. I have a noticeable difference that even my 15 year old daughter agrees with. I am hopeful that using this product for the full 90 days I will be even more happy. Right now, after only 30 days it beats any product I have used, and I have tried them all. If you follow the directions, it works.” (kos1) Source.

Many of the positive reviews we have went through, mentioned being skeptical at first. Surprisingly many of the customers happy with their purchase were younger (thirties) so it might imply younger skin reacts better to the laser stimulation. Many of those who saw good results at all ages said they followed the treatment to the letter.

When you find good reviews for the TRIA anti aging laser in discussion forums or at Amazon, you can ask their authors for more details. You can add a comment under the review, and if the reviewer wants they will add their answer in the comment below yours.

tria-skin-rejuvenating-laserJust ask those people everything you want to know about the treatment and its main stages, and you’ll gain a better understanding of what to expect when trying to wipe a few years off your skin by following this procedure. Most people are probably going to be happy to answer your questions. Some of them may even send you some “before” and “after” photos, so that you can see with your own eyes their results.

Check here the current reviews and rating for the TRIA Age Defying laser system at Amazon.

Last but not least, try to find some reviews written by medical doctors, if possible. This would enable you to see what professional think about this equipment. On the other hand many skin care doctors have their own clinics and offer their own treatments, some of them may not approve of home anti aging treatments, as it takes away their own potential customers.

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This is how you can be positive you’ve made the best decision for your health and well-being.