TRIA Age Defying Laser Vs. TriPollar Stop

Tria laser age defying Vs Tripollar Stop anti aging
Anti Aging Lasers

When you come to think about home anti aging treatment device, there are quite a lot of options to choose from. The two most effective options would be the TRIA age defying laser device and the Tripollar Stop device. Both of them are using top notch technologies and have both very good reviews from customers. In this article we will review and compare the TRIA Age Defying Laser vs Tripollar Stop Radio Frequency Device, so you can make an educated purchasing decision.

Comparing Anti Aging Laser vs Radio Frequency (RF)

The two devices compared are using two different technologies, which basically at the end of the day want to do the same effect. They both want to stimulate the fibroblasts cells to fill the skin tissue with newly produced collagen.

The fibroblasts are gel-like matrix that fills the spaces between cells and fibres in connective tissue. When fibroblasts get stimulated (by heat) they are able to deposit new collagen and facilitate a natural like healing process. The space between the cells is then filled with new fibers and the skin gets thicker raising and pushing up the epidermis layer and smoothing wrinkled skin.

How TRIA Age Defying Laser Work?

How TRIA age defying laser workThe TRIA age defying laser sends fractional laser beams into the skin which turns into heat when penetrating into the lower levels. Fractional means the beam which is produced is sent through lens and mirrors and is broken down to thousands of micro spots of light.

These micro spots of laser are penetrating the upper layer of the skin, and reaching to the dermis layer. There heat is created which stimulates the collagen production as explained above.

When the collagen fibers layer gets thickened the upper layer gets pushed, outer wrinkles and facial lines get smoothed. This exact type of laser treatments is done n professional grade clinics and costs thousands of bucks!

How TriPollar Stop Anti Aging Works?

how tripollar stop anti aging system worksThe TriPollar Stop anti aging system works on a different type of skin tissue heating. It is a newer technology than laser, also used at professional clinics who use advanced aesthetic machines.

The TriPollar is using RF waves (RF=Radio Frequency) which are sent and received via tiny electrodes. The movement of RF waves through skin tissue, heats the skin tissue.

If you have talked on your phone for a long conversation and felt your ear getting warm.. it is this kind of heating which includes waves and not laser to create topical heat.

Most RF devices work with bi-pollars one sending and one receiving the RF. The TriPollar has a unique patent of using four electrodes, one sending and THREE electrodes receiving the RF.

Watch the short video to see how TriPollar RF anti aging works:

tripollar Radio Frequency RF STOP anti aging systemThe genius innovative patent is that the electrode which sends the RF is always changing. Numerous times per second a different electrode is sending the RF signals to the other three. Making the heating of the skin even all the time!

The TriPollar Stop heats the fibroblasts cells and stimulates the collagen cells into enhanced mode, producing new fibers.

The direct effect is more collagen fibers connected at the dermis layer, and skin thickening resulting in a firmer, smoother upper layer, less wrinkles and fine lines.

Both laser and RF are FDA approved for safe at home skin firming and anti aging treatments.

Why To Choose TRIA Age Defying Laser?

TRIA age defying laser vs Tripollar Stop Anti AgingTRIA laser use a very well known technology – , the laser aesthetics are researched and tested, and now they are perfected.

Tens of thousands of customers – Used by thousands of men and women all around the world, TRIA has proved it delivers effective and safe devices. With hundreds of 4-5 stars rating for its devices, and positive overall customer reviews.

TRIA Results! – No matter how you look at it, the use of fractional non ablative laser works! For most of the people who use it will see improvement in the skin texture and wrinkle treated.

TRIA brand – TRIA is one of the first manufacturers for home laser devices, with 15 years of experience! The most reputed name in the home lasers segment.

90 Days Money Back Guarantee – The most bold offer for such a device selling at Amazon, making the purchase risk free!

Click here to check the TRIA latest price, read reviews and purchase the TRIA Age Defying system.

You can begin within days to treat your wrinkles, around the eyes, mouth and facial expressions lines.

The Cons of TRIA Age Defying Laser:

laser side effects – There are some side effects related to laser which are rather rare (10%) of people reported them at the study, which included discoloration and pigmentation side effects which lasted more than few weeks.

The device has a default ‘expiration date’ – The TRIA will last for 2-3 years, and then the rechargeable battery will ware out. Then will be the time to get a new device. This is a con, though most of us change our phones into new ones also every 2-3 years, and there will probably be upgraded devices by then.

Why To choose TriPollar Stop?

Tripollar stop anti aging vs TRIA laserSafe technology with less side effects – Unlike laser which has more side effects, the TriPollar has less pain, and discomfort side effects, less post treatment side effects too. Though TRIA side effects mostly pass within 24 hours, some experience temporary discoloration, this doesn’t happen with RF treatments.

TriPollar can be used on face, neck and hands – The device can be used on other skin areas on the body you want to treat. The TRIA Age Defying Laser has a strict FDA clearance allowing it to be used only for the face. The RF technology is used in many forms of body treatments and there is no avoidance using it on other areas.

The device is not relying on battery – Meaning it can work for as long as you need, and does not have an expected expiration date. TRIA Anti Aging laser will eventually stop recharging , and it will be time to get a new device. The TriPollar does not have that issue.

TriPollar costs less – The Tripollar costs less than the TRIA anti aging, though prices change, the difference is about $100 in favor of the TriPollar Stop.

Click here and get from Amazon the newest technology for skin firming and anti aging, with less side effects and long lasting device.

The cons? There aren’t any major cons to the Tripollar RF… except it is not TRIA.

TRIA Age Defying Vs TriPollar Stop Conclusion

Ok, so after reviewing the technologies, the pros and the downsides, which of these devices is better for your needs.

Tripollar stop anti aging machineIf you are sensitive to pain, prickling and the side effects, than the Tripollar Stop may be a better solution for you. If you want the investment to last for years, the TriPollar Stop is suitable for your needs.

The treatments cause less discomfort and the side effects (redness and sensitivity) may be less visible. They pass anyway within few hours. Click here and get the TriPollar Stop anti aging system, get your skin firmer, younger looking and smoother.

Tria laser for wrinkle treatmentsIf you have used home aesthetics devices, (like home hair removal lasers or IPL) than you know what to expect from the TRIA. If you are trying anti aging for the first time, using the BEST SELLING home device is a good start (thousands of others can’t be wrong..).

If you are not sure and skeptic about the results, the TRIA 90 days money back guarantee, is the best reason to try it, get the TRIA age Defying laser from Amazon.

Begin your wrinkle treatments ASAP, make sure to add to cart the TriPollar gel (if you buy the Tripollar) or the TRIA post treatment moisturizers (if you buy the TRIA). They are each an essential part for the success of the treatment.




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