Tripollar STOP Anti Aging RF System Review

One of the leading anti aging solutions today is the Tripollar Stop device. When it comes to anti aging everyone is looking for – ‘anti aging laser’ systems because it is the most known type of solution for wrinkle treatments. But there are newer technologies like the RF (radio frequency) systems which can create the same anti aging firming and wrinkle treatment effect, just like laser, with less side effects! In this article you can read the most comprehensive Tripollar Stop anti aging system review.

What is RF Anti Aging Device?

RF stands for Radio Frequency. These are radio waves which are transmitted from four ‘electrode dots’ at the tip of the Tripollar Stop device. The RF waves reach into the skin, though the upper layer (epidermis) and into the lower dermis where the collagen fibers tissue cells are.

Radio Frequency Heating – The radio frequency heats the skin, and stimulates the collagen and elastin fiber reproduction. This is a natural process where the body is reaching to the heat energy and self healing and cell activity is stimulated.

Well Established Technology – RF technology is used in many skin aesthetic clinics and dermatologist offices, usually those RF machines cost tens of thousands of dollars and are only available to professional beauty centers. There are many RF based hair removal systems using the radio frequency to heat the hair and disable it.

Check the video below to see and learn how the RF heating causes the collagen layer to get thicker and fill in. This will be noticed on the outer skin layer, by skin tightening, more radiant surface and less wrinkles.

Does Tripollar Stop Device Has FDA?

The Tripollar Stop has FDA clearance for home use, the device was approved by FDA based on former devices which use the same technology, and there are no specific safety regulations regarding it. You can read the FDA approval for Tripollar Stop here. The RF technology was tested and cleared by FDA long time ago, as many aesthetic devices used by skin doctors are using it regularly.

The Tripollar Stop is FDA approved to be used by men and women, and on any skin color and tones.

Safety Sensor Embedded – The Tripollar has internal safety features which make sure you are safe as long as using it as intended. Between the four electrode polar dots which emit the radio frequency, there is a heat sensor, measuring the right heat is produced and there is an indication light which tells you when the right heat is achieved and when it is time to add or decrease the energy settings.

Tripollar Stop - Thermal Safety Detector FDA Approved

Where Can Tripollar Stop Be Used For

The Tripollar Stop anti aging device was designed and launched as facial skin firming and wrinkle remover. But the device can be used on other body parts as well, including treating the neck, cleavage, back of the hands and abdominal skin. In fact there is no prevention of using the Tripollar anti aging on any part of the body.

Treating facial expression wrinkle lines – The device can be effective for all facial expression lines, ‘crow’s feet’ (around the eyes, and cheek bones), the ‘marionette lines’ at the sides of the mouth, the ‘nasolabial folds’ which are the lines from the nose to the cheeks and side of mouth, ‘smoker’s lines’ which are lines appearing at the upper lips and ‘frown lines’ at the forehead.

Tripollar STOP anti aging laser RF for facial wrinkles

Where NOT to use it – The only places which you SHOULD NOT use the RF system, is over the eye lids, over closed eyes, lips, ears or genitals (including nipples). For your own safety and well being you should avoid these areas no matter what, and not use the system over them.

Check the clip below to learn how to use the Tripollar Stop system:

What Are Tripollar Stop Side Effects?

Like any device for anti aging, there might be some side effects when using the system. The skin is a live tissue and different people reach differently to the heat created.

Indications of successful treatment, is when you see the skin reacts to the heat.

What to expect – The skin may show some redness (erythema) and minor skin swelling (edema) in the treatment area. This is natural way of the skin reacting to the collagen sub-surface treatment, these side effects should disappear after a short time. Usually 24 hours or less, as for other anti aging laser systems, it is recommended to do the treatment at the evening to allow the skin to recover until the next day.

Tripollar Stop Preparation Skin Gel

Tripollar Stop skin preparation gel Tripollar Stop Skin Preparation Gel – In order to help the treatment be effective you must use the Tripollar Stop gel, which is applied before each treatment.

The gels makes skin smoother for the RF tip to glide on, improves the skin contact with the RF electrodes, and ensures the RF transmission and receiving by the polar electrodes is ideal.

The gel is applied by dabbing on face, and rubbing gently. It should last for 12-15 treatments. Click here to order the Stop skin preparation gel.

Tripollar Stop Anti Aging Results

The Tripollar Stop results and safety was tested in clinical trials and the results were clear and positive. The heat created at the lower dermis, stimulates the Fibroblasts cells increasing collagen replenishment.

Effective results – When the Fibroblasts tissue begins to produce elastin and collagen fibers, the result is dermal thickening. A thicker dermis makes the skin of a woman in her 40’s look and feel like she is ten years younger, and you will notice visible results of reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and improved skin texture.

Tripollar Stop Anti Aging Laser Review Results

In one of the tests done, by a doctor, these results were reported:

After their first anti ageing treatment, objective scientific measurements showed on average an 86% improvement in reducing wrinkles, and a 76% improvements in erasing wrinkles.

The long term wrinkles reduction was on average 35% for wrinkles and 40% for wrinkles with a maximum wrinkles reduction of 67%. Read more.

As you can see the RF Tripollar system can not remove 100% of the lines and wrinkles. There isn’t any laser anti aging device which can eliminate 100% of the wrinkles. But the most of the people (70%-85%) had the wrinkles situation improved, and in the long run, nearly 40% still noticed these desired results.

The sessions take about 20 minutes every other day, you can begin your sessions within few days after ordering the Tripollar Stop anti aging radio frequency device from Amazon.

The Tripollar Stop treatment protocol is using the device 2-3 times a week for a period of 6-8 weeks. You should use it every other day, and let the skin ‘rest’ for 48 hours before the next treatment. You can keep using the Tripollar Stop for follow up treatments for long lasting results, you can do 2-4 times per month later on, or as needed to maintain the initial results achieved.

Tripollar Stop Anti Aging Before and After

One of the most searched phrases when it comes to anti aging laser devices, is the before and after photos. People want to see in their own eyes, the results, they want to glimpse into the future and imaging how their wrinkles will look like.

Here is an image from – Radiofrequency (RF) Face & Neck Skin Tightening. The thickening of the collagen layer can be seen as saggy skin smoothed with firmer skin and less wrinkles.

Tripollar anti aging (RF) Face & Neck Skin Tightening

Image from

Here is another set of pictures, showing before and after results of Tripollar treatment over a course of 18 treatments, which is 6 weeks. Note the full cycle is 6-8 weeks.

Image source

Tripollar Stop anti aging pictures before and after

Image courtesy by

In the picture the customer is 67 years old, though like every before and after image, there seem to be background difference and lightning difference, still the skin does look firmer, smoother, and some wrinkles less visible.

You can begin your own anti aging treatment and get rid of your wrinkles by ordering the Tripollar Stop anti aging device from Amazon.

TriPollar Stop Anti aging Reviews

There are positive and negative reviews about the Tripollar Stop device. Most of the positive reviews state that they saw and felt results very quickly. Some noticed skin firming few days after beginning the treatments, other began noticing results and wrinkles gone after few weeks, and came back to report it.

Here is a screen shot from an online store, you can see out of 32 reviewers the average rating is 4.5 stars.

Tripollar Stop Anti Aging Customer Reviews

Here are some of the reviews about the Tripollar Stop anti aging device from a British online store, see source:

Great product that WORKS
“I’ve been having RF skin tightening at a clinic and at £60 a time this is not cheap. I decided to buy the Tripollar stop mainly to maintain the clinic results but I found the stop to be just as good as the clinic results!! The heat from the stop is just like the clinic £200,000 ( apparently ) machine.”
Nice to have TriPollar STOP
“Finally, I tried the TriPollar STOP for three weeks only, it works to me, the wrinkles getting less, especially around eyes, pores becomes smaller and my skin firmer than previous.”
Super nice product
“I’ve been usin this device for about 3 months and very obviously it helps reducing my wrinkles under the eye area. My face also looks firmer and thinner than before. Lovely product!”

Those who gave the Tripollar less than 5 stars either said they didn’t notice any improvement, or they felt they lost volume of skin. Some who saw no results gave it 1-2 stars, very few complained about the device not working as expected. Taking an overall view of the review from several websites and online stores 70% are very positive giving the system 4-5 stars, 10% are neutral and 20% gave it a low rating. Click here to read TriPollar Anti Aging RF Device customer reviews from Amazon.

Tripollar STOP Anti Aging Review Conclusion

Tripollar Stop - Radio Frequency Facial Skin Tightening SystemThe Radio Frequency technology is used for several years by professional dermatologist. The results are obvious and unquestionable that the RF is a safe and effective way for stimulating the Fibroblasts in creating a thicker layer of collagen and elastin fibers.

The firming effect has been reported by many customers reviewing the Tripollar Stop device, saying they feel their skin is less wobbly, less saggy, and that it feels smoother and tightener.

Click here to get the Tripollar Stop anti aging RF device from Amazon.

The wrinkles got smoothed when the dermis layer was filled, and long lasting improvement has been reported in 40% of the subjects in the trials. We hope you have found this comprehensive review helpful. Good luck in your anti aging treatments too.